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Mexico, Derby.

West Ave, Derby DE1 2PL, UK

I friggin' love Mexican food, probably more so now than ever before. I think I've mentioned my love for Mexican food on a regular basis recently and I have 0 regrets.

Since attending the opening event of Mexico last month [you can read that post here], I knew I would return to dine there in a matter of weeks.

So when my friend Kirsty from Kirsty Ralph (you should check her blog out, it's one of my favourites!) won a meal for four through a Instagram competition they ran during their launch event, we got it all booked and headed over their for a perfect way to kickstart the weekend.

I realise at this point that there is a lack of photographic evidence of my meal, I must have been really enjoying it not to reach for my camera and start snapping away!

I didn't forget the atmosphere that meets you as you arrive in the restaurant, it was so nice to see it laid out for a dining experience and the amount of space it did have.

I couldn't wait to get into the menu and decide what to give a try.

We already knew we'd like to have the Mexican Queso and Corn Chips as a starter, it was an absolute hit with us on the launch night. It was a dish of warm melted Monterey Jack and creamy gouda cheese dip with fresh Pico de Gallo served with their authentic stone ground chips. It is honestly the most delicious starter! I couldn't stop digging in with my chips and also adding it with their homemade guacamole which I absolutely love!

With this sharer Kirsty and Simon decided on the Chipotle Chilli Wings whilst me and Jordan opted for the Chicken Taquitos. Our starter was absolutely delicious, it had no spicy kick but such a pleasant flavour that I could have just had that as a main meal and to be satisfied.

There was so much choice for our main meal that I couldn't decide so quickly with this one. I decided to opt for one of my favourite Mexican dishes, the Beef Fajita Burrito. It was delicious and a generous serving! The meat was so soft in the burrito which is a massive yes for a big lover of burritos! I couldn't quite finish the serving but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had no room for dessert but got mega food envy when I saw the other people at my table digging into their desserts, UGH.

Please go and visit MexiCO even if it's for their amazing range of cocktails and friendly staff, you won't be disappointed.

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