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REVIEW | The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Curve Theatre

60 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1SB, UK

Who here hasn't heard of the musical The Rocky Horror Show during their lifetime?

I first saw the 1975 film at a friend's house party whilst at college and I was instantly hooked to it, especially the costumes and the songs.

But the musical itself is so much more than a performance, it's an experience and one you shouldn't miss.

From the moment I entered the Curve Theatre, I was greeted by crowds of people with costumes on and so obviously this was considered the 'normal' for a Rocky Horror Show performance.

This is the only musical I have come to know of where theatre étiquette is thrown out of the theatre and the performance invites you as the audience to shout outrageous innuendos from the crowd (such an enjoyable element of the performance) as well as standing up to join in with some of the show's timeless numbers, especially The Time Warp. I can guarantee you won't be sitting down during this performance! 

The Rocky Horror Show follows the main characters Brad and Janet, an all American couple that becomes recently engaged and after popping the front tyre of their car are lost in the unknown. Brad and Janet played by Richard Meek and 2008 X Factor semi-finalist Diana Vickers are helpless and stumble upon Dr Frank-N-Furter's castle, unknown to them what lurks inside and the characters they are about to meet in a world that's completely turned upside down. 

Who would have thought it with incredible timing, they have entered the castle on the evening that Frank-N-Furter is about to reveal his latest creation Rocky, played by the gorgeous Dominic Anderson. Rocky is modelled as a perfect specimen, wearing just tight leopard skin pants, with his ripped abs and chiselled cheekbones - it is hard to take your eyes off him. 

I felt like the plot is lost beneath the strength of the more popular song numbers and I felt like a lot of the audience are just in the theatre to have a good time and embrace the cult classics from the film by echoing the actors on stage with their rhythmic script and saucy innuendos. This often distracted me and I wanted to see more strength from the plot itself.
I really enjoyed Richard Meek's portrayal of the uptight, lack of confidence personality that Brad has in the film and I thought that Diana Vickers perfectly conveyed the sweetness and 'innocence' of Janet through the soft tones of her vocals we have come to know.  
Dressed in fish nets and suspenders, the exceptionally extravagant Frank-N-Furter was played so well by Liam Tamne who from his very first opening number of Sweet Transvestite gave us an unforgettable performance. He revealed his flawless dance moves complete with his high-powered vocals, just a snippet of what you'd expect as this character. His stage presence is defined from the very beginning he struts onto the stage, as well as mastering the humour and highly erotic elements needed to make him stand above the rest of the stage. His emotionally vulnerable side is conveyed so beautifully during his moving solo I'm Going Home that will leave you struggling to keep a dry eye. 

You will not be disappointed in the mastermind of characterisation shown from Frank-N-Furter's slaves Riff Raff (Kristian Lavercombe), Columbia (Sophie Linder-Lee) who also has incredible flexibility and flare in her movement and Magenta (Kay Murphy). Their witch-like cackling laughs alongside their provocative movement choreographed perfectly by Nathan Wright provides an outrageous performance expected by the theme of The Rocky Horror Show. An example of this is definitely highlighted through the rendition of the iconic number Time Warp which will inevitably have the whole audience up on their feet, singing and dancing the title song of the production. So much so whilst I was dancing I didn't see anybody not up and dancing out of their seat. 
The narrator was a favourite with the audience, particularly me, played by Norman Pace whose comedy timing is in point as he bounces off the audience's rude remarks and made a nice reference to our Premier League title too! 
The Rocky Horror Show is one of a kind and a production that everyone has to see at least once, it's an experience you cannot miss. With it’s scattered storyline in amongst a ridiculously sexualised performance, it’s a highly animated show that will leave you howling with laughter and with you dancing your night away. I would definitely see it again just for the atmosphere it brought! 


  1. Oh my, this performance looks amazing!!
    My work played the film on screen a couple months ago & I really fell in love and I've wanted to see this performance since. It was in Birmingham a few months ago but missed the chance to see it.
    Definitely looking out for the next time it's around & booking tickets :)

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

    1. It is such a good performance!
      Ah man keep on the lookout for it, it's definitely worth seeing and is on quite regularly in theatres.

      Emmie x

  2. So. Much. Envy!!
    This is an absolutely fantastic review! I've always wanted to go to a RHPS show and now that I know I get to dress up (as frank-n-furter obvs) I can't wait to see all the madness live!
    Okay so I'll be off listening to Sweet Transvestite for the rest of the day ��

    1. Thanks for enjoying my review, I tested out a new writing style and I was really happy with it :). Yesss you definitely need to go, even if it's just to see all of the madness that unfolds!

      Emmie xx


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