Delilah's Food, Leicester.

Looking for a place that offers you all of the perfect essentials for a date night with the boyfriend or a dinner/lunch date with your friends all under one roof (with also the option to take it home with you) is something of a must in my life.

I'm pretty sure I've found that place in Leicester's new delicatessen, Delilah

If your a fan of exceptional food and drinks, freshly baked breads, self-serve oils, over 150 cheeses, warm and cold meats, 200 plus wines, honey, chutneys, jams and condiments of which many made are produced in the Midlands then Delilah is a very exciting place indeed.

When myself and my local blogger bunch were invited to their launch day I came home full of great food and drink that I know so many of my friends and family would enjoy!

This is a great addition to Leicester's already fab food culture, based just a stone throw away from the already buzzing St Martin's Square area. The venue is a converted bank and the whole atmosphere of the venue just works well and you feel like your in a foodie paradise as you walk through the doors. The venue consists of a shopfloor, cafe/bar area and mezzanine dining. Delilah have clearly thought about what experience they're hoping to give their customers and have used their experience from their other venue in Nottingham. 

I absolutely loved wondering around the sections of the venue, taking in all of the smells of the fresh breads and cheeses. It was not without it's fair share of tasters and I enjoyed getting dug in and sampling the many flavours that Delilah has to offer. I also got to try some of their selection of wines from independent vineyards - amazing! I even asked my good blogging friend Laura to give me a hand in understanding a 'good wine' when I taste it, obviously everyone's taste buds are different though.

I particularly enjoyed the introduction of Franklin and Sons ltd whose range of soft drinks is enough to refresh you on a warm summers day, I particularly loved their Dandelion and Burdock drink which took me back to my childhood days with my grandparents.

From looking at their menu too they're is a huge selection of Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner dishes on offer for you to enjoy and if you enjoy your meal that much a lot of their sources are available within store for you to buy. Pretty clever if you ask me. 

I'm already thinking about hosting a wine and cheese evening with the help of Delilah's products, I'm sure it'll do well in Leicester.


  1. I popped in here the other day and it's beautiful :) I need to go here for lunch at some point. I adore your blog by the way, the layout is so lovely.


    1. AH me too, my friend went recently and said it was pricey and her service wasn't great so hopefully it'll be ok when both of us make our visit :-). Thanks lovely, I have thought about altering it because I get so bored easily aha!

      Emmie x