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Leicester Racecourse.

Leicester Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4AL, United Kingdom

Horse Racing is something that I wouldn't usually consider I would go to in my lifetime. My early judgements about horse riding usually stem from the Grand National and as I don't particularly have any positive comments about that I wasn't sure what to expect from my evening spent at the Leicester Racecourse.

However, my opinions were overturned and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. After experiencing such a fun afternoon at Leicester Racecourse I would definitely go again and I would urge other people to give it a go.
The warm temperatures and a slight breeze in the air made for perfect evening racing conditions and our evening began with satisfying our appetites with a 3-course dinner at their Nelson Suite Restaurant which was on site.

The Nelson Suite Restaurant is located with great panoramic views of the racecourse and with spaces for up to 280 guests, it is making for a perfect way to add something else to your experience at the races. They provide packages that include a 3-course formal dinner, private hire of The Nelson Suite and race cards as well as the option to include free-flowing all inclusive drinks package of House Wines, Beers, Cider and Soft Drinks.

Our service during the evening was next to none with the waiting staff on hand to ensure we had a swift and smooth dinner without too much time in between. I was very happy with my choices for the 3 course and there was enough options available for the guests to choose from, it was pretty hard to make a decision on what we'd like to try.

All of the food I chose was really delicious and well presented throughout each course. I thoroughly enjoyed the pudding especially with was the perfect portion and chocolate levels not to send me over the edge from an already filling meal.

Whilst eating our dinner we watched one of six races that were taking place during this meeting. I couldn't keep my eyes off all of the action and the buzz was hard to ignore. I decided to get a little foot in the action placing two bids on one race and one another.

I won BOTH of the races, which I was completely shocked about! There was a great buzz in the air and I didn't feel terrified for the horses that they were in danger. I couldn't stop myself from shouting for my chosen horse to cross the finish line in winning position and couldn't quite believe when the luck was on my side.

I would definitely attend another evening at the races in the future, the whole buzz and structure of the evening was really enjoyable. It's also not too bad when you win your small bet either!


  1. I've never been but I know my parents have in the past for a night out and I'm deffo jealous now looking at that tasty food!

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk


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