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REVIEW | The Showstoppers Improvised Musical, Curve Theatre.

Leicester, UK

The Showstoppers Improvised Musical
Curve Theatre, Leicester

Have you ever wondered what a GBBO musical would be like? Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Mel and Sue dancing and singing in the big tent over soggy bottoms and Viennese whirls challenge? That's exactly what happened when Showstopper! The Improvised Musical arrived at the Curve Theatre in Leicester.

The Showstoppers has a decade of Edinburgh Fringe must-see phenomenon, a BBC Radio 4 series and recently had a critically acclaimed West End run at Shaftesbury Avenue's Apollo Theatre to their name. The company have delighted audiences across the globe with their perfect blend of comedy, musical theatre and spontaneity that isn't to be missed. Having recently come from their recent time at Edinburgh Festival this year they are now undertaking a 12 day tour (as well as the addition of family performances) with the Curve Theatre being the first on the list.

The 2016 Olivier Award Winner for Best Entertainment and Family show, Showstopper! is an exciting new musical comedy is created from scratch at every single performance of this show. With musical soundtracks playing as you walked in the studio space I felt like I was in the perfect atmosphere for what was set to be such a good night. 

With the help of audience suggestions from the scene, to the musical title and right until the musical soundtracks that will inspire the songs you will create something so unique and unlike no other musical you'll ever see on west end or Broadway. The results are unpredictable and hilarious!

Anyway, who knows it could become an instant hit and make it big!

The musical was an instant hit with me, I loved their instant relationship with the audience and including us in a process that made us think like we were the next Cameron Mackintosh.

The cast was made up of two musicians, 6 actors (including one narrator) who worked together and created a perfect relationship on the studio space.

The Showstoppers Ruth Bratt was an obvious GBBO fan with her perfect take on the characterisation of Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue. She had clearly a lot of experience under her belt and improvised well without much distraction to stay on the plotline. With Lauren Shearing one hand to play Mary Berry (very well I may add), they made a perfect duet. Adam Meggido of who is also the co-creator of Showstopper! played well as one of the contestants and a very passionate baker! He was very good at creating the soundtrack for the musical and it worked so well with the plotline.

That evening we helped create Burnt Offerings which was a musical set in the GBBO tent that included bakes getting destroyed, a Little Shop of Horrors 'Somewhere That's Clean' ballad, an upbeat 'Let's Get Cooking' song, a love triangle, a relationship between a mother and daughter and so much more! They packed so much good fun in the space of 2 hours and I would absolutely love to see these guys again.

I managed to chat to their cast after the performance and it was great to have conversations about the variation they are given to work in within this context. It was interesting how people created musicals from recent events making it very relatable and convincing to their audience. Apparently, we weren't the only ones who had a GBBO inspired musical either! They clearly were passionate about what they performed and I'm really hoping to organise watching another one of their performances to see what else can be created.


  1. this sounds like such a great stage show. as a fan of GBBO and the theatre, it will be one to watch out for if it happens to make it's way up north! x


    1. Yeah well it's improvised so not all musicals will be the same it depends on audience participation and ideas so you could watch ANYTHING which is what I think is the most interesting thing about this concept!

      Emmie xx

  2. Sounds like a must see musical!

    1. It really is, if they are ever in your area then I would totally recommend them!

      Emmie x

  3. I've never heard of this! Soundso great 😊 Ree Love30

  4. Ive never heard of this but what a great idea for a stage show!


  5. Sounds really fun. I must go take a look soon

  6. Awesome review!! Improv is some of the funniest theater I've ever seen!


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