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Little Shop of Horrors | Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

Belgrade Square, Corporation St, Coventry CV1 1GS, UK

Little Shop Of Horrors (UK Tour)
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry 

Sell A Door has definitely created a great reputation for high quality touring productions over the years and has been making an impact not only within the industry but it's audiences since 2009. And nothing was missed with their latest touring production of Little Shop of Horrors which began it's run at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry this week.

Little Shop of Horrors is most well known for the musical movie which was released in 1986 which starred Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and back then the unknown actor Steve Martin. But actually what most of us probably didn't know was that it was originally based on a black and white low budget movie filmed in 1960.

Little Shop of Horrors is set in late 1950's Skid Row, New York. This musical definitely carries with it a comedic story of murder, love, laughter and of course a plant or later a mean green mother from outta space! (I now don't trust any plants in my own household!). After Seymour discovers this new plant, he calls it AudreyII after Audrey, who works in Mushnik's bankrupt flower shop and who he loves deeply. The plant not only brings success and happiness, however only after being fed blood. This leads us onto the death of more than one main character! This production definitely carries with it the 50s look and style that was well associated with the film.

This musical has definitely a feel good factor to it, with a great soundtrack to coincide with that. The score created by the unforgettable Alan Menken, who composed the music for Disney films over the years. This new touring production didn't present itself as a typical touring production and it's level of standards in terms of scenery, animation and casting was well matched, creating an unforgettable performance.

As soon as we heard the vocals kick in for the Little Shop Prologue begin we knew we were in for an evening we wouldn't forget. Cassie Clare, Sasha Latoya and Vanessa Fisher performed with the perfect sass, life and phenomenal voices that we'd expect, after all they are the trio that keep us moving the production and that they did with ease.

Whilst most other reviews hailed XFactor's Rhydian who played Dentist as the star of the performance, I have to disagree. Whilst yes he gave a great performance rounded off with his vocals which were awesome there were two particular people that stood out to me. Stephanie Clift's take on Audrey was without a shadow of a doubt somebody who took Audrey's character and made it their own. We've all come to know and love (or get slightly irritated) with Ellen Greene's vocals in the musical film, but Stephanie managed to grasp some concept of the character Ellen created but also created her own Audrey which was flawless. When she sung Somewhere that's Green she was way more convincing to me that Ellen Greene herself and I felt her desperation to leave Skid Row and begin all over again.

And lastly what's a review of this production without forgetting to mention AudreyII too. The animation of this character was without a doubt out of this world and it felt so realistic that it'd be perfect for the kids to become engaged with. Hats off to Josh Wilmott who was the puppeteer as AudreyII and was incredible to watch bring this plant to life.

I want to see this musical over and over. It was without a doubt one of the best touring production I have seen in years and would definitely urge everybody to go and see it whilst it's still around, you will not be disappointed. It is full of energy, phenomenal vocals, great animation and character!

You can catch Little Shop of Horrors at Belgrade Theatre until 29 October

Disclaimer: I was invited to the press evening of Little Shop Of Horrors at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry in order for this post to be published. All opinions are my own and photos were supplied by the Little Shops of Horror Tour website.


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