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Sweeney Todd | Derby Theatre, Derby.

15 Theatre Walk, Derby DE1 2NF, UK

Sweeney Todd
Derby Theatre, Derby

Finding a show which is perfect for this Halloween month can be pretty hard to find. However, Derby Theatre's Autumn production of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is definitely what you should be going to watch this month.
First night nerves didn't kick in for this cast at the opening night of Sweeney Todd at Derby Theatre who delivered both a hair tingling and impressive performance that will leave you wanting to relive the whole performance over and over again.

Having never been into the theatre before it's intimate atmosphere surrounded the stage and was the ideal set up for this performance. With dimmed lights lighting the stage set you couldn't wait for the music to start and for the performance to begin.

The performance was produced with Derby Theatre partners Mercury Theatre Colchester. Director Daniel Buckroyd creates work of the highest quality and he doesn't leave any stone unturned in this production for Derby audiences. 

Sweeney Todd is an iconic tale, which has grabbed the attention of audiences since its first publication in Victorian Penny Dreadful A String of Pearls and has seen many iterations in it's time, including a hit film adaption which starred Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I actually remember this being a production at school but didn't have the confidence back in those days to audience, however it was a production which always caught my eye. 

Our leading man Hugh Maynard and woman Sophie-Louise Dann for the performance were without a shadow of a doubt performed some of the best acting I have seen in months. You knew the instance that both their characters, Sweeney Tood and Mrs Lovett entered the stage that they had grasped their characters and their mannerisms 100%.

I couldn't stop laughing at Sophie-Louise's natural ability to be full of humour, heart but clear dangerous cockney charm for a woman like Mrs Lovett's character. The whole cast gave a wonderful, chilling performance of such an iconic piece of work that you didn't want it to end. The difficult score from the musical was performed with such ease by all the cast and the powerful singing voices of every individual filled out the auditorium. A nod to Ryan Heenan who plays young, naive Tobias with flare and confidence. You couldn't help but feel sorry for him when he is left in the bake room.

The turning stage made it more smooth and effective to move through scenes and I really enjoyed how this helped to enhance the atmosphere for it's audiences.

I would definitely urge all local audiences to head to Derby Theatre this Halloween and check out this incredible performance! It's on until the 22nd October so make sure you get your tickets booked! You can head over to www.derbytheatre.co.uk right now to book your tickets, you will not be disappointed!


  1. I absolutely love Sweeney Todd! So jealous that you got to see it live! Like you, my school dd a production of it once but i didn't have the nerve to go for a big role, gave villager 13 everything I had though! You've really made me want to head down to my local theatre now aha.

    Much love

  2. Sweeney Todd isnt something I've seen before but it sounds great, I'd love to see more theatre!!

  3. This really is the perfect October show! I'd love to see a live performance of it - so glad the performance you went to was great!



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