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Feel Refreshed and Ready with Starbuck's Caffe Americano.

Leicester, UK

If your anything like me finding the perfect on-the-go drink for when your on your commute to work or at home is quite the challenge then Starbucks have the answer with their Caffè Americano*. The Caffè Americano with milk is the brand new addiction to Starbucks Chilled Classics range, which is a number 1 bestseller and something to definitely get your hands on to try.

This coffee is a cool and uplifting blend of the Starbucks 100% certified Arabica Espresso Roast coffee and creamy milk, but with the added twist that it's served chilled. When the Starbucks team asked whether I'd like to give this product a go and tell you guys all about it I was more than happy too, despite me considering it may be a bit too chilly outside for this product.

I think this product is perfect, if you're looking for a drink which not only is great for on the go but refreshing then this is definitely the one for you. I loved how compact and ready it came, with a straw that you can slide and use straight the way.

Often experiencing problems with my usual choice of travel mug I was so pleased with how I managed not to spill any down me whilst on the go. I decided to give it a test drive on the commute to and from shopping, without a spill and you can just throw it into a recycling bin afterwards so there's not even that risk of any remains making it's way all over your stuff in your handbag (this has happened way too regularly for me!)

Having this on a cold Autumn day didn't phase me either, it's actual element of refreshing you was good enough for me that I would actually happily drink this on a cold day.

The only thing that I would say from a personal point of view is that I would have liked to have had more milk within the coffee itself. I'm usually one for drinking coffee which is too strong so I think I would be keen to give another one of the coffees within the range a go in the future. I think it would contain the perfect amount of milk for me to enjoy, however I was very pleased with how much I enjoyed the Caffè Americano. 

The Starbucks Chilled Classics range consists of four delicious flavours including Caffè Latte, Caramel Macchiato and Cappuccino as well as the Caffè Americano drink featured in this post.

This ready to drink Starbucks Caffè Americano is definitely something I would recommend anything to give a go when they're next in the shops. They're available in most stores, in the chillers at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose, WHSmith, Boots as well as all other good retailers. And being priced at around £1.59 it's a great value for product if you can't make it to your local Starbucks Coffee Shop for your fix of good coffee!


  1. These sounds so delicious! I'm a massive coffee lover so be able to bring a bit of Starbucks home with you to keep in the fridge sounds ideal x

    Always, Alice

  2. Random but I love the layout in the background.. it is so pretty and cosy! Great post too. Obsessed with you blog, keep up the amazing work! x



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