Created in 2014, Carpe Diem Emmie is a Midlands based Lifestyle, Theatre and Travel blog. Ran by Emmie, a 28 year old woman based in rural Leicestershire.

In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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10 Things 2016 Made Me Grateful For.

I feel like 2016 is a year for a lot of people that is ready to swept well under the carpet and forgotten about. We've had a lot to deal with; deaths, politics (we won't go into a conversation about America's next president or what happened when the UK voted on whether to leave the EU or not) and there has been a lot of cruelty and hurt in these 12 months.. However, on a personal note 2016 has been such a good year for me, both personally and professionally. It definitely encourages me to do as much of a enthusiastic punch in the air as John Bender does in the final scenes of The Breakfast Club, one of my favourite films.

I love reflecting on another year passing, I recently read through the post I wrote 12 months ago and wow haven't things altered for me too much, they've just become more settled and content with everything that surrounds me.

Christmas at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.

If you're looking for something to do that screams Christmas out to you and something that is perfect for all of the family to enjoy, then head to Chatsworth House in Bakewell, Derby. Chatsworth have completely transformed their building into a enchanting winter wonderland this season. 

They've taken the stunning classic of 'The Nutcracker' by E.T.A Hoffman, so you can join Clara on her adventures as she is swept away by her Nutcracker Prince. No stone has been left unturned in the creation of this classic and it's a real enchanting event for you to enjoy. It made me feel thoroughly festive!

It was so much fun walking from room to room and seeing how iconic scenes came to live. The imagination behind it was utterly stunning. There was even a couple of ballerinas on hand to impress all the young people with their movement. It was so cute watching young girls been so fascinated by what they were seeing and eager to talk to the ballerinas. 

Aladdin | Nottingham Playhouse

If you are looking for a panto that involves a lot of the festive traditions a pantomime should have; great music and a simple to follow storyline then Aladdin at the Nottingham Playhouse is definitely the one for you. What I loved most about this storyline was that it was perfect for the younger …

Jack and the Beanstalk | Theatre Royal, Nottingham.

If you're looking for a pantomime this Christmas that is perfect for all of the family than look no further than Theatre Royal Nottingham's performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. The last time I had anything to do with Jack and the Beanstalk panto was back in early 00's when I was the …

Alice in Wonderland | Derby Theatre

Alice in Wonderland
Derby Theatre, Derby ★★

Alice in Wonderland is the much loved classic tale by Lewis Carroll. It's weird and wonderful world has captured the imagination of families all over the world, with many of us falling in love with it's many characters. Director Sarah Brigham and Wr…

Unwinding this Winter with Leesa Mattress

In recent months I have spent a lot of evenings, tossing and turning and generally just having a crappy nights sleep. I didn't nail down my nighttime routine to the point that I was still working on my blog past 10pm and quite frankly it was exhausting me when I got up for my 5.30 alarm the ne…

VQ Retro Mini + Win Tickets to see Jersey Boys!

I absolutely love hosting dinner parties, game nights and so much more with my friends and family over the festive season. With that in consideration I am also a huge fan of musicals and Jersey Boys has been on my list of shows to see for quite a long time. With that in mind when you host that kin…

10 Best Things About Christmas.

It's December, It's actually December, IT'S CHHHRRIISSSTTTMMASSS! I'm in such a festive mood this year and I'm really excited for my 2 week holiday from work to enjoy the season as much as possible. I've been scrolling through Pinterest quite frequently, writing down the ma…

Grease | Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Curve Theatre, Leicester ★★★★★
If you're not looking for the traditional Christmas show this December but something which can be enjoyed by the family then look no further than Curve Theatre's festive production of Grease. I don't know anybody who hasn't heard of the John Travol…

Leicester King Street, Pizza Express.

Pizza is acceptable at any time of the year and Pizza Express have a fab alternative to the traditional festive menu that we've all become a custom to during this time of year. Being one of my favourite restaurants, I was invited to Leicester's King Street Pizza Express recently to dip my …

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