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Unwinding this Winter with Leesa Mattress

In recent months I have spent a lot of evenings, tossing and turning and generally just having a crappy nights sleep. I didn't nail down my nighttime routine to the point that I was still working on my blog past 10pm and quite frankly it was exhausting me when I got up for my 5.30 alarm the next morning.

I really benefit from a good nights sleep and I need to be able to unwind in the evenings, especially over winter when the nights draw in from around 4pm. Without winding down properly your mind won't be able to turn off properly at the end of the day, without that in mind you need a good mattress to help you sleep. My nights have been transferred since being sent the Leesa Mattress back in October and I feel like it's about time I gave you my verdict on the mattress after using it for nearly two months. 

I've become really excited about getting into bed at night and looking forward to setting the right mood before I go to sleep and so I wanted to share my tips and tell you about the Leesa Mattress. 

I tend to begin my evenings by watching a few programmes on TV until around 8.30, 9.00 at the latest and with that in mind this means I close up my laptop and usually leave it on the desk in my office (therefore I cannot be tempted to go back to it at stupid am). I love having this time in front of the TV with Jordan as it relaxes us both and helps us to begin unwinding before bed. Before getting in the cosy comforts of my bed I turn on the fairy lights, light a candle and then usually pop a hot water bottle under the bed covers.

This is the time where I usually have the biggest bubble bath and either catch up with the latest Vlogmas videos or read my book. 

Once out of the bath me and Jordan really enjoy climbing into bed and reading a good book. I have always appreciated the fact that I'm with somebody who enjoys a good book just as much as I do and it stops the temptation of reading our phones. As I don't usually have caffeine from around 6pm and I don't usually fancy a cup full of sugar in the form of a Hot Chocolate I have been really been loving the products sent to me by Tea Huggers this month. If you're starting to feel a little run down on the lead up to Christmas then you must try their Flu Fighter tea, our immune system is always in need of some TLC over the colder months so this is definitely the blend for you. I've personally been reaching for the Good Night blend, it's blend of lavender and blueberry is the perfect fruity combination to help you relax at the end of the day. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of these products once I'm out because they've been incredible! Make sure you check them out! 

But the mattress itself has completely transformed my sleep and I don't believe I have slept as well as I have done these past two months since having my Leesa mattress. I find myself instantly drifting off and not feeling any kind of aches or pains in the morning. It's so soft and comfortable, having huge benefits to my body after a long day at work. It fits perfectly into my bed frame and feels like a luxurious hotel suite bed, it's that comfortable. It came completely compact and we used it within 4 hours of it arriving at our door. It was easy to get out of the packaging and to set sorted. We've not been able to stop talking about it to all of our friends and family, you should really check out their mattresses if you're struggling to sleep and unwind this winter.

*Product Review. Thanks to Leesa Mattress and Tea Huggers for working me on this post.
 All photos and words are my own.  


  1. Oh so fancy, I need a new mattress, one that accompanies me whilst indulging in a fabulous book, great post! xxx

  2. Ooh I keep reading great things about this mattress!
    I agree though, it's super important to wind down properly before sleep! Working in social media, I work til quite late and it can be difficult to wind down!

  3. Looks lovely and cosy :) I really want to try that tea before bedtime as well.


  4. I really need to sort out my bedtime routine. I am terrible at not looking after myself, but it's so important! I just feel that it's hard with a toddler to get time to yourself (if at all) and there is always SO much to do in the evenings. A resolution for 2017 maybe?


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