Created in 2014, Carpe Diem Emmie is a Midlands based Lifestyle, Theatre and Travel blog. Ran by Emmie, a 28 year old woman based in rural Leicestershire.

In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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Legally Blonde, Christchurch Theatre Club, Loughborough Town Hall, Leicester.

Legally Blonde
Christchurch Theatre Club
Loughborough Town Hall, Loughborough ★★★

You wouldn't believe that the 2001 movie of Legally Blonde is now 16 years old, that makes even me feel old. unfortunately, this was a musical production that I missed when it was both in London and when Curve Theatr…

January 2017 Reads

I've made it one of my 2017 goals to read more and spend less time scrolling through SM during my evenings. I wrote a post of 30 Books To Read Before June 2017 and having already ticked off 4 out of those 30 books within the first month is motivating! I've absolutely loved diving head first into these books, all of which have remained with me since finishing them. There's also nothing like revisiting an old favourite books of yours neither, such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory inspired by the fact I saw Curve's production of the Twits earlier this month. 

Definitely leave me some of your own book recommendations below as I'd love to add some more onto the list. I'm really proud of reading so much this month so hopefully you enjoy my small reviews of these reads.

The Play That Goes Wrong | Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

Having watched Mischief Theatre's production of Peter Pan Goes Wrong (you can read that review here ) during New Year's Eve, I have been captivated ever since by their innovative approach to integrating their comedy into the theatre. I feel like we’re all trying to shake off the bad things going on in the world and embrace all the good, Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong is just the solution!

Cafe Rouge's Secret Steak Supper Club, Birmingham

Cafe Rouge is a French restaurant chain that brings to the table classic French dishes with a contemporary twist to the UK. I have definitely grew more of an interest in trying new dishes from the around the world, so being invited to the Secret Steak Supper Club at Birmingham's Mailbox was definitely up my street.

Located in the Mailbox, it is known as Birmingham's most stylish shopping, lifestyle and restaurant destination. It's also just a stone throw away from Birmingham's Bullring and Grand Central station. Cafe Rouge has a real vibe to it once you walk in and the team quickly ensure your seated and dealt with for your first drink.

These are 15 of My Favourite Things..

Sometimes there's nothing like grabbing yourself a good cup of tea, or something stronger if you fancy it and reading a blog post that isn't a review or typically what you write. I could stray towards a beauty favourites post but then that would be really out of my comfort zone, and it would be rubbish. Instead, just a general post from the person behind the blog is just as enjoyable to read as it is to write.

I found a magazine that I don't remember the name of in my doctor's surgery, and was drawn to an interview with a celebrity entitled 15 Favourite Things and thought it would be a fun post to write on my blog. Hopefully it will inspire you to take this post and create your own like it. If you do please link it back to me so I can check it out.

Romeo and Juliet | The Y Theatre, Leicester.

Romeo and Juliet is the world's greatest love story, telling the fateful story of the star-crossed lovers. Ballet Theatre UK is bringing to Leicester's Y Theatre a refreshing take on the ballet production with impressive grace and tragic emotion that was brought to live by their intimate mo…

3 Great New Year Escapes in the UK.

It's been over a week since we celebrated the start of the New Year and we're all probably back into our daily routines, wondering when we can plan our next escape to beat away those January blues. Quite frankly I really enjoy looking for new places to explore, little weekend getaways that will give me something to look ahead to. Also there's so much of the UK I still would like to see.

Recently I stumbled upon Great Little Breaks , who are a website that specialise in booking 3-5 star accommodation and short breaks throughout the UK to suit both the leisure and corporate traveller. I've even chosen some ideas for a romantic getaway with Jordan sometime this year from browsing this website whilst consuming the last bit of Christmas chocolate. All the prices are really reasonable especially with what is included within the price and I've decided to pick out 3 which really stood out to me to give you some getaway inspiration. 

The Twits | Curve Theatre, Leicester.

The Twits
Curve Theatre, Leicester

Roald Dahl is one of the most beloved children's authors of our time. His many stories have been planting seeds in the imaginations of children for over 100 years that it isn't any wonder that theatre adaptions are becoming more popular.

With the Curve’s 2015 production of Dahl’s, The Witches receiving high praise, their latest take on the inspiration of Roald Dahl’s The Twits is no different. The Twits are perfectly captured in this new production of the David Wood’s adaption as the nastiest, ugliest and revolting people we know in the eyes of rising star Director Max Webster.

This production of The Twits is in association with their friends at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. Before the show opened in Leicester, the team travelled to Hong Kong where they performed this production to over 6,000 young people and their families in the Lyric Theatre, one of the East Asia’s leading theatres. Once this production closes on the 21st January in Leicester, it will be flying the flag for the theatre as it visits venues across the UK.

30 Books to Read Before June 2017.

I am so motivated to read more books in 2017 and to read my challenge of reading 60 books over the year, if not more. I've always had the new years resolution of reading more since I can remember but never managed to achieve it. I seem to get on a good roll and then seem to become really distracted from enjoying a good book.

The Positivity Project

I don’t know about you but January and Winter in general has a huge effect on your mental health. I have found that during the last couple of months, especially since December my own anxiety is the worse it has been in a long time. I know I’m not alone in this and sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to feel more positive when you’re feeling like there is so much bringing it down. I recently read the February issue of Glamour and was struck by their article entitled The Positivity Project and thought that it was the perfect way of banishing the pressure of your resolutions in place of operation happiness, putting you and your mental health first.

It’s helped me to create my own individual positivity project in the process. Not only will this be useful in January but throughout the whole year and hopefully by sharing it with you, you’ll use it to create your own too. The mental state of ourselves would be far better if we were all a bit more positive, and so would the world. So, here we go..

16 Books I Read in 2016.

I felt like 2016 swept time from right beneath my feet, leaving little to no time to sit and read the amount of books I was hoping to across the 12 months. 2016 in general went extremely quick didn't it? I didn't again complete the challenge I had set for myself during this year, however I'm hoping 2017 will be a more successful year with reading. I've already read one book I planned to read in 2017 completed during the festive period so I will be sharing a more in depth review of that in the New Year. 

Inspired by What Lauren Did Today's post, 23 Books I Read in 2016 I wanted to do an overview of the books I've read in 2016 too because it looks like good fun to chat about! I'm also hoping it'll give me some kinda motivation. Below are the 16 Books I Read in 2016.

Sleeping Beauty | Little Theatre, Leicester

Christmas feels like it was a lifetime ago and most of us have probably took down the Christmas decorations, waving goodbye to all festivities for another year. If your anything like me then you are probably still attempting to cling onto Christmas with both hands because you don't want to let…

My 10 Shows of 2016.

One of the biggest achievements I have had with Carpe Diem Emmie within the last 12 months is the growth and development in writing more culture based posts, especially in Dance and Theatre. I am no stranger to the world of the arts, having graduated 3 years ago this year with my degree in Dance and having opportunities with a couple of 'big' industry roles, it's a sector I am passionate about.

I almost thought it was all over for me when I took on my job as a Teaching Assistant back in March. It's such a difficult choice to give up on something you gave 100% to, in return for a bit more stability and structure in your life. I'm just as passionate about the arts, if not more and being able to release some of that passion through reviewing performances, planning to attend events and conferences through this blog is a pretty damn great thing for me to do. It feels like I've never left to be honest. I definitely want to immerse myself within the industry a hell of a lot more in 2017 so I'm definitely going to be thinking about what I can do.

I've built some of the most positive relationships with local theatres since pulling my finger out and pursuing these opportunities during the summer. I now work with around 6 different theatres in my region as well beyond that, and I do have plans to pursue the bright lights of the West End this year because why not? I'm still not 100% happy with the reviews I produce but I believe I am really developing my writing style with each review that I write.

Choosing My 10 Shows of 2016 for this post was more difficult than I had anticipated and I definitely needed the help of my boyfriend to confirm my choices. The East and West Midlands theatre's are producing shit hot productions for their audiences at the moment! It's great that we're able to experience such wonderful theatre right on our doorstep and I am so excited for what 2017 has in store too. 

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, BBC One.

It's no news that Peter Pan is one of my most loved stories of all time, it's especially magical around this time of year. Over the years BBC has been developing more and more in the ability to bring the best of live theatre to the comfort of your own home. It's a fantastic way of show…

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