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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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February Reads

Another month down, another month of reading completed. I've discussed this with some fellow book bloggers and we've all agreed that February hasn't probably been as full of reading lots of books as we would have liked to have. However, putting this post together I've realised I'm now over 10 books into the year. I don't know whether it's because of how short February is compared to other months, feeling like it gets swept under our feet quicker than we think it does. 

However, with that in mind I have loved all of the books I have read this month apart from one which I have added to the bottom as the one I just couldn't get into this month, I'm not sure why it's been that way but still good to share the good ones I have read. So with all introductions aside let's get cracking with more book reviews this month!

10 Thoughts Whilst Watching Dreamgirls, London.

Dreamgirls is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best musicals I have seen, it completely blew me away and I've been having post-show blues ever since. It's been 35 years after it opened on Broadway and 10 years after the movie adaptation was released, it starred Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, making it one of my favourite musical films ever. I've waited for this musical to make its way into my country for years, all I had was the incredible film and soundtrack so when I had the chance to take my mum and see it for myself, I had to prepare myself for an unforgettable experience. Being performed at The Savoy Theatre it has an impressive cast including Glee's Amber Riley, I couldn't wait to see this girl in action after loving Glee for years.

Stepmother | Stepfather, Arthur Pita and Headspace Dance, Dance XChange.

The idea of a stepparent stems strongly from those we meet in well known fairytale stories, usually perceived as a someone who is wicked and unkind. This idea was brought to life at the performance of Stepmother | Stepfather that I saw produced at Dance XChange's recent season launch event. Th…

Dance Sampled | Sadlers Wells, London

Dance Sampled is an opportunity to showcase the vast diversity of the dance sector from around the world to the UK for you to enjoy all in one night, for a special low price. Having been a regular production at Sadlers Wells since 2007 I was delighted to be asked to join other theatre bloggers down to London to get a flavour of it before it arrives at the Birmingham Hippodrome next month.

It's the best introduction in for people to see the strength in both companies and artists from around the world, allowing access to styles of dance that we haven't been able to experience before. It's important as part of Hippodrome's aim to be able to bring both diverse and dynamic theatre to it's stage that is accessible to all their audiences, so when it arrives in Birmingham in March it will be presented at a reduced cost. This means that it's perfect in encouraging more people to attend something that is right on their doorstep as participate in some fantastic workshops with sector professionals.

Interview | Rosie Kay Dance Company 'MK ULTRA'.

Rosie Kay Dance Company - dancer Lizzie Klotz in MK Ultra - photo by Brian Slater 
Rosie Kay is one of the leading female choreographers within the UK. Located within the West Midlands means we're able to embrace the athletic movement, rigorous research and intelligent theatricality that Rosie has become renowned for. She choreographed the hit film Sunshine on Leith as well as becoming best known for the five star award-winning piece, 5 SOLDIERS

Her new piece entitled MK ULTRA sees her submerge into the world of Illuminati, conspiracy theories; leaving us to define for ourselves what reality is and what is not. With the rise in conversation about fake news, surveillance and whistle blowers becoming almost regular it seems almost spooky that Rosie Kay's piece sits amongst those ideas. 

The Wedding Singer | Curve Theatre, Leicester

The Wedding Singer (UK Tour) 
Curve Theatre, Leicester 

The Wedding Singer UK Tour is a party you will be desperate to get an invite to this year! We're being taken back to the year 1985, the year dominated by Madonna, Back to the Future, Super Mario Bros, The Goonies in this stage adaption of the smash hit 1998 film, The Wedding Singer.

The film that starred Drew Barrymore alongside Adam Sandler is a huge hit so it was no surprise when it was announced to become a hit musical in a 2017 UK Tour. With such a strong cast of professional individuals, you can hope to expect a great night at the theatre with this latest film to stage production.

Coast to Coast, Highcross, Leicester

image source: C2C restaurant site.

The Highcross Shopping Centre has grew in it's selection of the biggest chain restaurants since it opened back in 2008 and there's something to suit every diner's request. Nestled in amongst these restaurant, opposite the Showcase De Lux Cinema is the American Restaurant, Coast to Coast. Coast to Coast is a restaurant that offers a unique American menu for it's customers to enjoy.

I don't remember the last time I actually visited this restaurant since it's opened, it's definitely been a few years, so when I was invited to enjoy some of their food and cocktails before Valentine's I couldn't resist.

Carluccio's, Intu Derby, Derby

#NowCookIt Greek Style Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Couscous.

I'm going to throw out a confession and say that I don't cook in my household apart from the minimal of scrambled egg or an oven meal,I never really have the intention or motivation to cook anything from scratch. It's usually left to the safe hands of my boyfriend who really enjoys coo…

The Fabulous Ceri Dupree Show | Curve Theatre, Leicester.

If your looking for a night out at the theatre that isn't like the rest, that isn't the usual of a play or a musical escape you are looking for, then look no further than The FAAAAAAABULOUS Ceri Dupree Show that I saw recently at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. Returning to the theatre sin…

Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Notttingham.

There's something beautiful and enchanting about exploring an empty theatre, something that is a completely different experience than the one we have when we're visiting to see a specific show we've paid to see. I've performed in many different theatres during as my time as a performer growing up and one of my favourite things to do was to explore the theatre whenever it was empty, playing hide and seek amongst the many stall seats and acting out our own little performances whilst the seats were bare. 

On Carpe Diem Emmie this year I want to make it a feature of mine to discover the bones of theatres, stripping back behind all of the glitz and glam of performances to show these incredible buildings that stand proudly within the streets of our cities. The first of this series is the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. 

*Chinese New Year Inspired Dish with Tilda Rices.

Chinese food is one of my ultimate favourites and recently there were Chinese New Year celebrations so Jordan decided on creating a chinese dish to celebrate over the weekend. Jordan really enjoys cooking in our household so he'll often be in there rustling up a delicious meal for us to have and this Sweet and Sour Chicken dish was no different.

We were kindly sent over some *Tilda Rice pouches recently and I had been awaiting an excuse to use them for a blog post, what better way then with Chinese New Year! Jordan has written this recipe down for you, it's really quick to make and a really delicious meal for a dinner party or for when your loved one comes home from work. We finished ours off with some prawn crackers and it was delicious!

'Scattered' Motionhouse Dance Company | The Old Rep, Birmingham.

The Old Rep in Birmingham is an intimate venue that holds a unique place in the history of theatre itself. Back in 1913 it opened as Britain's first purpose-built repertory theatre, playing a central role in the early careers of many of the UK's most celebrated actors and theatre-makers as …

The Woman in Black | Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Hailed by The Daily Telegraph as "One of the most brilliantly effective spine-chillers you will ever encounter" Susan Hill's haunting tale, The Woman in Black is embarking on a UK Tour. Director Robin Herford transforms the stage into an intimate space that captures the eerie and un-…

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