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#NowCookIt Greek Style Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Couscous.

I'm going to throw out a confession and say that I don't cook in my household apart from the minimal of scrambled egg or an oven meal,I never really have the intention or motivation to cook anything from scratch. It's usually left to the safe hands of my boyfriend who really enjoys cooking and produces the most tasty dinners for us both.

Research shows that 16-24 year olds are more likely than any other age group consider cooking as a stressful experience. The main reason that these people have never learnt to cook is because someone else in their household tends to cook for them. The food experts Co-op and SORTEDfood have joined forces together to bring a new incentive to the table that will hopefully encourage more young people to cook simplistic but great flavoured recipes at home.

Now Cook It is a simple online cooking course, where absolutely anyone can learn the basic techniques at their own convenience and pace. It's also a fun way of cooking along with your loved ones at home. The course is completely free and available to anyone with access to the internet. Now Cook It is a community which is improving your skill to cook so that you can flaunt it off to all your friends and family too.

As part of this campaign I was sent a box full of the ingredients to make a Roasted Vegetable Couscous dish, perfect for a quick fix of good food at lunch. We even decided to go along with the Greek style flavours contained within the couscous and cook some Greek Style Chicken to go with it.

I absolutely loved how easy it was to use the website, with it's easy to follow recipe page. There was no need to panic because there was even some short videos from the guys at SORTEDfood to put your mind at ease and help guide you through each step. It left little room for error and I couldn't believe how much less time it took to do than I had expected it to.

The dish itself was packed full of flavoured and was well matched with the greek style chicken, myself and Jordan both agreed that this was something we'd definitely enjoy during the warmer months (hardly an occurrence in Britain but we can hope!) when we're out in our garden making the most of the longer days in the year.

I'll leave the link to the recipe on this post if your interested in giving it a go soon! nowcookit.co.uk/recipes/vegcouscous 

*Collaborative Post. Images and words are my own.


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