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The Fabulous Ceri Dupree Show | Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Leicester, UK

If your looking for a night out at the theatre that isn't like the rest, that isn't the usual of a play or a musical escape you are looking for, then look no further than The FAAAAAAABULOUS Ceri Dupree Show that I saw recently at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. Returning to the theatre since performing in Hot Stuff, where I first saw the female impersonator, Ceri Dupree perform is back with a one man, twenty-one solo show that is currently touring across the UK. 

His talent is undoubtedly admiring as he performs a splendid array of impersonations and performances that will leave you laughing out loud. His impersonations range all the way from iconic Hollywood divas of old times including the late Joan Rivers right to the musicals stars as the likes of Tina Turner and Dame Shirley Bassey. Her ability to switch and change into these very different characters adorning himself in the incredible array of costumes, wigs and accessories is exhausting to watch but his flare and professionalism makes it look like easy work to the audience. He empowers a lot of wit, razor-sharp flare and was consistently hilarious throughout and grasped the humour of it's audience in an instant. 

I absolutely loved his take on Dame Edna Everage, which showed that he undertook a lot of research behind the scenes so that he completely transformed into penchant of singling out members of the audience and shaping the funny around them that Barry Humphries became so iconic for with the character. 

The second act of his show leaned heavier towards musical numbers, and I absolutely loved being able to watch his change into the various characters on a silhouetted screen. There's so much happening within this show, lasting over 2 hours that even if you aren't maybe won over by a particular character or they aren't someone your familiar with, it won't be too long before Dupree whips up another one to entertain you with. Whilst the show at times may feel slightly crude and vulgar, it also comes alongside a no doubt of spirit and style that is so loved by it's audiences over and over again. Whilst I hadn't seen a show like this before in my lifetime, Dupree is great value for money, giving you a full evenings worth of entertainment that is truly FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!

Ceri Dupree is touring this fabulous night of entertainment across the UK until October 2017. 

*I was gifted this ticket in exchange for a review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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