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4 Places To Visit in the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain

Armed with the guide left for us by the villa owners we managed to discover quite a few gems amongst the beautiful landscape of the Costa Blanca on our trip.. It's almost mandatory to spend tour holiday discovering new places, taking photos and fully emerging yourself within the country's culture and surroundings.

I feel very much like in the 4 full days we had in the area didn't limit what we managed to experience in that time. All of the things in this post are definitely places we'd visit upon our return to the area next year.
Playa del Moraig
This is the closest beach located near the villa and it is definitely worth a visit during your stay. It's a 5 minute drive down winding coastal roads to a small beach which hosts ridiculously stunning views of the sea, a sense of privacy and a great location for a day beside the sea. The Benitachell cove has clear water and is a popular area for both cave divers and snorkelers to seek out underwater creatures.

On the beach is also a small restaurant cafe where you can be hydrated with a beverage or enjoy traditional Spanish food. We treated ourselves to a Spanish Paella on our first visit to the beach (we visited twice) and it was delicious to enjoy overlooking the sea, if a bit on the expensive side so definitely consider this on your visit. Having a beach just a 5 minute drive was very handy, especially if you just fancied a few hours away from the villa without straying too far.

We discovered this little town of a gem on our third evening in the location when we decided to head to this town 15 minutes away from the villa for an evening meal. We dined at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach, it was quite pricey but the food was delicious and well presented. It's one of many various restaurants lining up across the coast and harbour in this old fishing town against the backdrop of mountains.

The town is a popular destination for family holidays, therefore on the occasion we visited it was well populated and a world away from the other places we visited whilst on our stay. There is a combination here of both sandy and rocky beaches, with shallow waters too it's perfect for those not overly keen on getting into the sea. We also explored the Portet Cove, once a safe haven for ships. The harbour was really nice to wander through, with the clear Mediterranean Sea showing off the fishes. Whilst in Moraira you can head up to the lookout tower near the Cap d'Or where there are incredible views of the coastline, or even the eighteenth century castle right by the shoreline. It's a town that is great for it's restaurants, weather and views.

Las Fuentes deal Algar
Around an hours drive from the villa is this must see attraction of the area. This was most definitely on our list of things to see whilst we were away from just reading the guide. The natural, atmospheric and beautiful backdrops of both the mountains and waterfalls made for a great visit especially at the price of 4 Euros each on entrance. The area is a 1.5km walk through the bed of the river Algar, where you can witness the waterfalls and take a dip into the pools of water. 

It's a refreshing experience in the crystal clear waters. The area is well looked after with high conversation and also offers education in its environment. The water was freezing but it was a really calm and enjoyable experience, we spent up to 4 hours in the facilities, it definitely helped that we had great weather to enjoy whilst we were there too.

This was probably the least young family place to visit out of the whole 5 days we had there, it appeals more to older children or another blogger like myself. I loved walking amongst the cobbled streets of this small town with it's medieval architecture and open plazas. It was very quiet on this occasion, a lot of the shops were closed and there was little people hanging around the area. There was some lovely cafes and small restaurants around the area that you could grab a nice coffee from whilst soaking in the atmosphere.

The historical feel of the town is well maintained in it's medieval character with white walls, window grids, heraldic shields and flowers hanging on every balcony. It was perfect for a few pictures and amongst the streets is the Catedral de la Marina, the neo-gothic style cathedral that was only completed in the 20th Century. I really enjoyed how peaceful this area was and would definitely like to see what the atmosphere is like during the summer months.

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If you are interested in more information about the villa I stayed in head on over to Clickstay Villa in Spain to view it's listing, or even if you fancy looking at the other villa rentals available with Clickstay head on over to their website here.

*Collaborative post with Clickstay. Photos and opinions are my own.


  1. I've visited all these places in the past! We have friends who have lived in Moraira/Teulada for the last 10 years and we make the effort to visit pretty often. The Costa Blanca has so many hidden gems. One of my favourite places you've not mentioned is Altea which has a beautiful market and an even more stunning church!

    I was planning on putting together a similar post when I stay in Bentiachell in July!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  2. Wow your trip looked wonderful Emmie! Hope you had a great adventure x

    Freya | www.freydefleur.com

  3. I've never visited these places but I'm sold! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  4. Thank you for sharing this is on my Bucket List for the future. Your pictures are beautiful!!

  5. It has always to been my dream to visit Spain! Your pictures were lovely and makes me want to pack up my bags and go now! lol. Great post!

  6. Oh wow, it looks like the most gorgeous place! x
    Sophie Cliff

  7. This was such a good post babe, your photos are beaut! xxx


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