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Wondering What To Read Next?

March Reads.

There's something about the weather improving that makes me so excited to spend more of the lighter evenings with a glass of wine and my latest book. This month has been a really productive month in terms of reading I've managed to get through 5 books, most of which were from the comfort of my Kindle which I am using more regularly these days. 

My favourite read this month was definitely Carrie Fisher's All The Good Things which is great for those who enjoy a read that is highly emotive and gripping from the get go. I would definitely urge everyone to read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which has definitely developed my understanding about being a feminist and what it means to me. 

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngzoi Adichie 
During March I was drawn to this book whilst at work, instructed to read it and see what I thought. I managed to read the short book in just over an hour. If your interested in understanding Feminism and developing your own thoughts on the subject too then this book is the one for you. This book nailed it on the head with the idea of what does Feminist mean today?

This book is a personal, well argued essay - adapted from the author's much-viewed TEDx talk of the same name. It's definitely a book you need to read in your lifetime and share with the next generation as much as possible.

All The Good Things by Clare Fisher 
This book is being published in June and is honestly one that you should definitely give a read of when it's released. The story focuses on twenty-one year old Beth who is in prison. The crime she has committed is so serious that you'll think she doesn't deserve to ever leave prison. Her councillor Erika won't give up on her though. In the chapters we experience all the good things in her life. But in the end Beth must confront what she did wrong. When we see the events unravel it's hard to not feel emotional involved in Beth's story and feel gripped by Clare's writing style. 

I enjoyed the change between different points in Beth's life from the past to the present, it wasn't distracting from the initial plot line and worked so well. 

The Break Down by B. A. Paris 
This chilling novel had me gripped from the first page, the unexpected conclusion and the regular frustrations for the main character, Cass. The book had a quick pace which is probably why I struggled to put it down at night, I was determined to find out the conclusion as quick as possible.

The story centres around Cass who is having a difficult time since the night she saw a car alone in the woods on her way home, in the middle of a downpour with a woman sitting inside, the next morning she will find out that this woman has been killed. We experience Cass's struggle to put the crime out of her mind, putting her to blame for not checking everything was ok. As solving the crime develops around her, Cass begins to forget things, from where she leaves her car in a car park to the alarm code for her own home. Little do we know about the underlining lies that will unfold through the pages. If you enjoy books like The Girl on The Train then you'll definitely enjoy this book. 

Smart by Kim Slater 
I read this book as part of the Reading Rampage that my school is currently holding me and it was a really enjoyable YA read. At parts the plotline felt slightly disturbing and uncomfortable to read therefore I'm not sure how it'd be received by young people. I did love that the book was written by a local author and this was embedded in the book throughout. 

In  this story it begins with a murder of a homeless man, whilst the police have brushed off the incident of it being an accident Kieran is somebody who cares and believes the case must be solved. There were some really tough, raw parts of the story which made it quite a hard hitting story but I thought it was definitely well written and probably something I would read again. 

Frazzled by Ruby Wax 
I received this book quite a while back from the lovely people at Penguin, self help type books aren't something I usually pop onto my bookshelf but after hearing lots about this one from Ruby Wax I decided to give it a go. Not going to lie I was quite disappointed with the book, as full of information and ideas as it was it didn't appeal to me as much as I would have liked. It wasn't a book that kept my attention. I thought Ruby Wax's writing style was really good in this book, it's focus on a range of people including young people and older people was really interesting though.

What have you been reading in March?

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  1. Ooh I've got quite a few of these on my own TBR pile; Frazzled, The Break Down and All The Good Things. Even more excited to read most of them now, after your reviews! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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