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Son of Steak, Nottingham

Nottingham, UK
There's a place in Nottingham that combines great steaks and Bacardi Mojitos on tap (I'd tap that), becoming a restaurant that I kind of need to know about. Son of Steak is located in Nottingham's buzzing Trinity Square, an area full of great restaurants and even the nearest Cineworld making it a great location for your next date night or before hitting the Nottingham City Centre. 

I thought the venue itself was very spacious and well designed to provide an airy but intimate feel to it. There's enough space to cater for the larger sized parties as well as the smaller ones. There was lots of space for the customers to move around, with a small area for those who maybe want to take full advantage of the Bacardi Mojitos on tap. There is a really nice contemporary, rustic feel with the wood finish to the entire restaurant and so I was pretty excited to see what they had to offer us. 

The one thing that did let down the evening for me was the organisation of the event, it wasn't clear how this night would be unravelling, and with paying customers in the restaurant at the same time it didn't feel like we were at a launch evening. I had hoped to be sampling a main course meal therefore fully immersing myself in the whole dining experience at Son of Steak. Instead what we had was a selection of their menu from the Brunch right down to the dessert, so in reality it meant that you could sample everything without feeling full after the starter (it happens!) 

With their speciality focus on the menu being the steaks, Son of Steak want to bring on a revolution with the idea of doing things simply. 'A revolution of doing things properly'. They want to take away the focus from the size, the presentation and cut to the flavour. They want it to be one of the most enjoyable steaks you've ever tasted. The 28 day aged steak is beautiful, well presented and exactly what it says on the tin, full of great flavours and the Flat Iron Steak was my favourite. 

I thought that Son of Steak also presented some great sides that would work well with the menu and especially so with the steaks. The Hand Cut Chips, Crushed Potato would have been my preferred choice from the options we tried out and the Beef Dipping Gravy went down a treat with the chips especially. I will definitely be making my way back to the restaurant for a date night visit.

Son of Steak also host a brunch menu served from 9am-12pm everyday! It has a great selection of food on offer including the Smoked Streaky Bacon, Onion and Spinach Potato Hash which would be a great supplement before a day of shopping. 

We also got a flavour for the desserts, on offer the restaurant have Bottomless Fat Free Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt, Chocolate Mousse and A Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookie so however full your feeling after your main dish there's something on offer to satisfy your sweet tooth!

If your a big fan of steak dinners and looking for a new place to try out then I would head on over to Nottingham's Son of Steak, it was a winner with me!

*I was invited to dine at Son of Steak, Nottingham in return for this review. All opinions and photos are my own. 


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