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The Shed, Leicester.

5 Yeoman St, City Centre, Leicester LE1 1UT, UK

An old friend of Leicester has made a well deserved and needed return to the city centre's night scene. It wasn't long ago that I mentioned that the city was in need of a reliable music venue to hear some of the best local and UK music talent it has to offer. 

The venue first opened it's door to the public back in 1994 thanks to the legendary Kevin Holyland who made it become a core part of Leicester's music scene. It's been a venue that I feel very much took a step back, became less spoken about and was in need of an uplift to coincide with the city's changing night scene. This year it's time for The Shed to grow and develop under a new team of dedicated and obsessive music lovers, the core of The Shed's vibe. 

The new feel for the place will include being able to visit The Shed during the day where you'll be able to go and relax there with a good cup of coffee and do some serious people watching, It'll be a haven for local bloggers like myself where we can find a place suited to update our  blog's and network with one another. The Shed wants people to view their home as your home.

The Shed is situated amongst Leicester's Cultural Quarter, a place that is emerging and has amongst it some great art venues, especially The Curve Theatre. The venue will now be open from midday every day, with free entry to shows on Sundays through to Thursdays. The shows on Friday and Saturdays will remain ticketed and the venue wants to continue to be the place to discover emerging talent.

The venue's upgrade includes the comprising of two stages; Main Stage (upstairs) and Vault (downstairs). There's already lots of great gigs coming up in the upcoming months, I can't wait to go along with some of my blogging friends to sample it all. 

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  1. Ahhh i used to go to The Shed when I was 15/16! This brings back memories!
    Hels x

    1. It's a place full of memories, I'm just so glad it's back and better than before! :)


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