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5 Books You Should Read This Summer.

Leicester, UK

Summer is here and so that means for most people that they'll be heading off on their holiday, probably taking some time out away from social media and most importantly will need a holiday read for those days by the pool. As someone who loves reading I've looked through my bookshelf and decided on the 5 Books You Must Read This Summer. I've gone for 'variety' too so hopefully there's something for everyone to enjoy but I will be specific to who I recommend the books too. I'll be sharing with you the books I want to read over Summer over the next couple of weeks, once I've made the tough decision. I'm hoping to challenge myself in reading 10 books so fingers crossed. 

I've also really struggled to read more than 2 books in the last month so I thought I would do something different and catch you up on my latest reviews at the end of June instead.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

John Green is one of my favourite authors for young adults and a few years back I was captivated by his writing style and novels he wrote. My favourite above them all is The Fault In Our Stars. The story centres around 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, a young girl who has cancer. Forced by her parents to attend a support group where she happens to meet and fall in love with another cancer patient, Augustus Waters. 

The book feels so much more personal and captivating by the narrative coming from Hazel herself. It's a really easy, gripping read and one that will probably leave you feeling emotional (it did me!). I think that John wrote very sensitively towards this topic and managed to capture a gorgeous love story beneath it all. 

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy

I am not usually that drawn towards fantasy fiction but last year this book completely changed that and I couldn't put it down, it wasn't what I expected it to be at all. The story focuses around a boy who following a family tragedy with the death of his beloved grandfather, goes on a journey following the clues that result in him turning up at a abandoned children's home on a Welsh island. He's about to discover not only some very peculiar children but the unknown history of his grandfather, captivating him to wanting to stay there with the children forever. It's not all that simple though and the twists and turns are so unpredictable, making it for enjoyable read. 

I love how Ransom Riggs the author created this story through the collection of photographs, intended to be a picture book at first it was only until he was advised by an editor to use them as guides to form a narrative. 

Ctrl Alt Delete - Emma Gannon
Genre: Biography and Autobiography

I read this book at the end/beginning of 2017 and it completely engrossed me, evening managing to distract me from using social media for a while. Emma has the most comforting and likeable writing style in this memoir capturing what it is like for her growing up alongside the internet. Being mid 20's myself I could completely relate to everything she wrote about, including MSN, the evolution of digital friendships and dating. It felt almost nostalgic reading it. It's one of my favourite reads so far this year too (more on those coming up in a blog post soon!)

It didn't take me long to finish this read so I am sure you can enjoy it as much as I did in the garden or on the sofa. 

Ice Cream for Breakfast - Laura Jane Williams
Genre: Self Help

This is the second book which Laura has written, back in earlier 2017 Becoming was released. It was well received with so many young woman loving Laura's sense of acknowledgement of their thoughts and feelings towards heartbreak. It wasn't a book I was attracted to personally but hearing about the release of Ice Cream for Breakfast definitely was and it well worth a wait to read more into Laura's writing style and thoughts surrounding specific topics. In this book she draws on the experiences she learnt in her past job as a nanny, looking after two young children and talking about the importance of embracing our inner child.

So much of this book just screamed out yes to me, I came away wanting to embrace those moments just a little bit more. I got through the book pretty quickly and Laura's transitions through the different chapters runs really smoothly too!

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
Genre: : Self Help

Readers of all ages and walks of life can draw on inspiration from this book for years to come. Elizabeth Gilbert shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, the perceptions of mystery and suffering that surrounds the process - therefore showing us how easy it is to access. There's a lot of personal stories as well as those from her friends and the people that have inspired her. I remember how drawn I was to how well written it was, combination of experiences and thoughts to draw from to create the content. It was very insightful and could be read by everyone, especially if your struggling from a creativity slump!

What are you reading this Summer?


  1. We have such similar tastes in books! I haven't read Ctrl Alt Delete yet but you completely sold me on your description. I love the concept of a memoir revolved around what our generation was like growing up with the internet. I bet it's such an interesting read - I can't wait to get it!


  2. So much book inspo here! Ctrl Alt Delete literally speaks volumes to me! So much has changed with the internet.

    Char xo || www.memoirsmusings.com

  3. Great list! I have Ctrl Alt Delete on my wish list, hoping to get it soon! I agree that TFIOS is a good one to read in the summer but paper towns is my fave Joh Green novel, am planning on re-watching the movie this week in prep for a video I'm filming for my channel. I recently listened to the audiobook of Big Magic-great in that format!

  4. I loved Ctrl Alt Delete, which I listened to on Audible. But I really couldn't get on with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. That being said, with the film out on DVD now, I'm considering trying again with the book! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  5. Great book choices! I've read Fault In Our Stars and seen the film multiple times and I agree that the storyline is so sensitively written - who doesn't love John Green! I love the sound of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - I've put it straight on my to read list :)
    - www.roisinslatest.com


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