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Saint Pauls House, Birmingham

15-20 St Paul's Square, Birmingham B3 1QU, UK

Nestled in the heart of The Jewellery Quarter is the gorgeous St Pauls House, a Boutique and Restaurant is as classy as it is beautiful. Opening in 2016, the hotel combines the owners love for design and hospitality along with a passion for the city of Birmingham too. Their is a real atmosphere for casual but contemporary to the design and concept, there isn't a space in the hotel that isn't filled with some great furnishing. It was very Instagrammer's dream!

On arrival we were made to feel welcome with the doorman welcoming us to the hotel. We arrived early evening where the atmosphere of the hotel was already in full swing with plenty of people filling up the ground floor and music filling the space. 

The reception lady was quick in organising what room we were staying in for the night with information on how to access the important WI-FI, girl has got to have free WI-FI for her blogging needs, yes even on hotel breaks I'm working. 

Our suite for the evening was gorgeous, situated at the end of a corridor was a room which completely expanded, leaving us with a spacious suite made for queens (quite literally). We loved how the entrance had a space for a dressing table, a coffee machine, a small bar as well an area for us to hang up our coats. 
On our right from the entrance was a sliding door, revealing a small bathroom with very smart and classy finish to the design. It was so well embedded into the hotel room space it had been well designed. On the left from the entrance you can see a large space where a small two seat leather sofa was situated along with two chairs and a small coffee table, great space for you to get comfortable with your laptop, a book or something on the TV. The room definitely provided a comfortable and relaxing space for it's customers. The bed was extremely comfortable, making for a great sleep! Despite being awoken on a few occasions due to noise from people enjoying their evening, the room was very comfortable to sleep in.  

For our evening meal we decided not to dine within the hotel itself, mainly because it was already quite busy. Also because it gave us the opportunity to see whether there was any gems surrounding the small green where St Pauls Church is located, directly in front of the hotel itself. We managed to find a small pub just a stone throw away where I enjoyed a Gin & Tonic with my meal of a burger and a couple of games of connect 4.

On arriving back at the restaurant the evening was underway with a live music set about to begin and various parties increasing the buzz in the ground floor space. We decided to sample a couple of their cocktails from the menu and enjoy the live music that was on offer. I would definitely attend during the weekend if your up for something that has a really comfortable, fun vibe to the place and has some outstanding drinks on offer. They were quite pricey but if you want high standard products and service then that's definitely what Saint Pauls House has to offer. 

In the morning we decided to head downstairs and begin our day in the only way you should, with a good breakfast. Saint Paul House's breakfast has something for everyone, whether if you fancy a small snack before heading out for the day or want to go the full works then this is the place! Of course me and Jordan didn't do things by half and decided to sample some of the Continental Breakfast of pastries, cereals, fruit, meat and cheese, yogurts and much more! I decided on a bowl of cereal, some cheese and fruit and some fruit juice along with a good cup of tea! 

You are then able to place an order from their menu of Breakfast, On Toast or Omlette. There's so much choice on offer that it was definitely difficult to decide on what to have. I opted for a blogger staple breakfast of Avocado, bacon and poached egg on toast which was delicious and totally filled a hole as well as soaking any presence of alcohol still in my system from the night before. Jordan decided on the full breakfast, which again looked delicious. I would visit again just for the breakfast itself.

Just before we left the hotel I decided to get a peak into the hotel's terrace bar, a gorgeously decorated space that when the weather is playing on our side the roof will roll back. I think this space alone is a great asset to the Saint Pauls House hotel and would be the perfect location for a drink when the summer arrives.

Soon enough it was time to pack up the car and head back to Leicester, luckily it was sunny on our departure so I was able to get a stunning image of the St Pauls Church. I would definitely visit this hotel again, it provided us with the perfect luxurious and comfortable stay that everyone needs to experience every once in a while. If this hotel isn't already on your radar, then it should be after reading this post.  

Complimentary Hotel stay and breakfast included. All photos and views are my own. 


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