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Thorntons Desserts.

What's dinner without the finale of a good dessert? I probably won't enjoy a dinner if there isn't a dessert there to indulge in afterwards and we all know there's always room for dessert, always. When I was kindly sent over some desserts from Thorntons latest range of chilled desserts, I couldn't wait to sample a few of them. I've loved Thorntons since I can remember and it was definitely the one place I headed to for gift buying, there's so much on offer but it was only until this opportunity arose that I knew they did chilled desserts, perfect. 

Available to buy in your nearest supermarket are a selection of 3 desserts, however we only found the Toffee Profiteroles and Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings to try. You'll have to apologise for the lack of images of the products themselves, I couldn't wait any longer to eat them (typical). 

First up is the Toffee Profiteroles, 24 deliciously light choux pastry profiteroles with a smooth Thorntons toffee cream filling and a side of rich chocolate sauce to drizzle over it. These were very quick and easy to make, so you can get cleaning up from dinner in time to serve up this traditional dessert. I thought the toffee filling went really well with the light texture of the pastry. These are good to share with your guests too.

The Melt in the Middle Puddings, two small chocolate sponge puddings with a gooey Belgian chocolate centre, a classic chocolate fondant styled dessert. Perfect for those chocolate lovers out there to get stuck into, especially for after a dinner. They were a bit on the smaller side for me but when you've had a big dinner then these are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. I would say you would need to pay close attention to preparation time as nobody likes a burnt chocolate sponge pudding.

These tasty treats from Thorntons are definitely something I will be purchasing in the near future. Supermarkets like Morrisons and Coop are where you can find them, keep an eye out in the chilled section. 
*Product review. All views and photos are my own. 


  1. I had no idea that these existed and reading through this has woken up my sweet tooth!


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