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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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The Slabb: Chocolate with an Adult Twist!

Chocolate is definitely up there as one of my guilty pleasures, particularly so when I'm working in the office or even just on the sofa watching a film. However, it's not often you try chocolate which is different to your usual preference, therefore SLABB is the solution. They recently got …

#MYDanceDNA with Zoo Nation's Kate Prince.

Establishing the connection with the creative mind behind some of Britain's top contemporary choreographers is very inspiring and one of the most important elements to capture in the Dance sector. Dance Umbrella has created a digital series, #MYDanceDNA a new live and online conversation which allows this platform to happen.The series of interviews will give the opportunity to talk to five leading UK choreographers who heavily influence our Dance scene in the UK today. The artists will discuss the moments of both dance and movement on film that have transfixed and transformed the ideas in their head to the pieces of Dance we see on stage or film. 

Oxford Botanic Garden Photo Diary

You would have seen recently that I shared my Oxford Photo Diary and I briefly mentioned that whilst we were here we took a visit to Oxford's Botanic Garden. One of my favourite things to photograph when I'm out and about is to take photos of nature, so when we decided to use the last part of our Oxford visit to check it out I couldn't wait to get snapping away.

Oxford's Botanic Gardens belong to the University of Oxford and were founded in 1621. Their mission is to promote the furtherance of  learning and to glorify nature. The gardens have been open for almost 400 years and it's important for them that they educate as many people as possible about the importance of plants, to help conserve plants around the world and then to support teaching and research at the University and beyond. It's gardens are hosts to herb boarders, glasshouses that showcase some of the most beautiful plants from all  over the world or you can simply just sit back and enjoy the oldest Botanic Garden in Britain. 

The Botanic Garden is known as the most compact, yet diverse collection of plants in the World right in the heart of the city centre. It's open throughout the year for you to visit too, It costs around £5.00 for adult admission.  I'll leave you with all of the favourite photos I took on my visit, I'm definitely thinking about exploring more Botanic Gardens during the summer! 

6 Books on My Summer Reading List.

Is there anything better to do over summer then read as many books as possible? probably not.
My bookshelf is getting pretty damn full of unread books and my Kindle is bursting with new titles but there's still not enough hours in the day, still. 

Last week I completed I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban which took way too longer to read than I expected. I also stopped reading The Loney because I just couldn't engage in the book whatsoever. Therefore I feel like I can now begin in reading my Summer reading list. 

I doubt that I'll get through these 6 months by the end of August/beginning of Summer. It's because I'll be either too busy to give some time to reading or I'll be adding more to the list (this always happens!). I'm going to make a great attempt and try to not get too involved in reading book lists that add to the ever increasing to-read list. 

(We all know that's a lie and I'll never stop looking at book lists!) 

When I was younger one of the things I did most summers was to head to the local library and get involved with whatever reading challenge they had going on. It was a great opportunity for me to immerse myself in as many books as possible, it was usually around 6 or so that I would get through in the space of the 5/6 weeks holiday I had at school.

Chutney Ivy Restaurant, Leicester

Leicester’s Chutney Ivy, is one of Leicester’s premier restaurants based in the Cultural Quarter of the City Centre, situated near both the Curve Theatre and Phoenix Cinema. Priding themselves on a fine dining experience, Chutney Ivy hosts a combination of classic Indian hospitality with some of th…

Cafe Rouge Summer Menu Launch, Birmingham

I last visited Birmingham Mailbox's Cafe Rouge restaurant at the beginning of the year when I was kindly invited to their Secret Steak Supper Club event. I was not only pleased with the standard of service from their team but their food was extremely tasty and definitely encouraged me to visit their restaurant chain again. I re-invited back to the same restaurant to sample their Summer menu along with some Gin Bloomers to wash it all down with. With the weather being glorious as it was and the restaurant doors open to look over the canal it was the perfect atmosphere for the evening.

Oxford Photo Diary

Earlier this year when my cousin announced he'd be getting married in June, I was extremely excited for him. He's like the sibling brother I never had and we've always bonded over having a good time, enjoying the smallest things in life especially Gin and Tonic being one of those so I was so bloody excited for him to become a husband. The wedding itself was being hosted in Oxford, a city I have wanted to explore for so many years now. It's architecture filling the streets of this incredible town, the literature history it holds within it and it's part to play in some of my favourite books and films ever, Harry Potter. 

The wedding was gorgeous, I felt kinda emotional throughout the day (it was probably the amount of Gin and Tonic I had to consume in the hotel before going to the reception venue because it was hella expensive, dammit Oxford!) but yeah I felt sad because this important figure in my life was now going to be living somewhere new, he wasn't going to be 15-20 mins away for a trip to the pub before Christmas. However, after exploring Oxford I came to the realisation that he'll be in the most beautiful city I have seen in a very long while and I'm going to use every excuse I can to pop on down to explore it even further, even in the 3-4 hours we got to see what we did wasn't enough. 

Miller & Carter Steakhouse, Enderby

On a warm summers evening there's nothing quite like escaping to a good restaurant to enjoy good food and drink outside a great pub. I was invited to sample the menu at Enderby's new restaurant, Miller & Carter Steakhouse. I do enjoy a good steak dinner so I was excited to see whether t…

Funny Girl UK Tour | Nottingham Theatre Royal

Funny Girl (UK Tour)
Theatre Royal, Nottingham  ★★★★★
There's something about a musical which tugs at your heart strings, really grabs your attention and EVEN leaves you feeling full of emotional. The UK Tour production of Funny Girl I recently saw performed at Theatre Royal totally did that.
The …

The Addams Family | Birmingham Hippodrome.

The Addams Family (UK Tour)
Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham  ★★★★
The Addams Family are a kooky family that we've come to know and love over the years, through the TV series or the 90s films and it's a family that some of us have probably dreamt being apart of. Their quirky, dark and mysteri…

5 Books I've Loved in 2017 (so far!)

We're already halfway into the year, 6 months in and I've managed to read nearly 20 books already. I wrote a post at the beginning of the year entitled 30 Books To Read Before June 2017 where I went through the bookshelf in my office and chose the books I had on there for a while and wanted to get stuck into, or just that I had seen numerous reviews for but hadn't read it for myself yet. I'm quite happy with how it's gone, I've even rekindled my love with my kindle device which I hadn't for a few years now. 

I hadn't read much during May so I decided to use that to write about the 5 books I've loved already this year and I'll catch you up on my quick reviews on the latest books I've at the end of June. For this post I've decided to draw on their reviews from the monthly reads instalment so you have my initial impressions of the books and why I chose them to be part of this post.

Aqua Park, Rutland Water.

With the summer holidays on the horizon there's families who are looking for things to do so that the children are kept amused over the weeks off school as well as friends and couples looking for an activity at the weekend. The Aqua Park at Rutland Water is something you must put on your list o…

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Northern Ballet | Curve Theatre

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is one of the most heart wrenching, emotional stories that I have ever read in my lifetime and both the film and book really moved me. The novel by John Boyne captivates the story of a family in Berlin during World War II, but centring on one young boy Bruno, whose curiosity leads him to a barbed wire fence where he encounters another young boy, Shmuel. Little does he know what lies behind the barbed wire fence and the consequences if he crosses the line. It's strong and emotional force is undeniably what makes it such an important story so when I heard that Northern Ballet would be presenting it I was excited to see how they would captivate such a story through the mediums of Dance.

Northern Ballet have become the company of all companies to approach modern, more well known stories and use the mediums of Dance to enhance and recreate the stories visually. They do not disappoint in creating Boyne's story, from the beginning to the end it's stage presentation was undoubtedly strong in capturing an era that we know too well about from various stories and other sources. As well as being an era that changed the world forever.

The Graduate | Curve Theatre.

Photo Credit : Manuel Harlan
Curve are known for producing their in house productions and the newest to add to their list is their take on the 1967 film and 1963 novel, The Graduate. In partnership with West Yorkshire Playhouse and acclaimed directed Lucy Bailey they tell the story of a young guy, who has just completed college and is now trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life and with the pressure of this parents setting the expectations of their son's career. What happens next is an unexpected diversion comes up when he is seduced by friend of his parents and bored housewife, Mrs Robinson (Catherine McCormack)

It becomes complicated when Mr Robinson says that Benjamin should meet his daughter Elaine. However, he ends up falling for Elaine and it's the one person that Mrs Robinson demands he stays away from. It all becomes slightly heated and with a drunken heart to heart between mother and daughter Elaine is convinced by her mother that he shouldn't be the person that she marries. Benjamin however isn't convinced by this revelation and fights to get Elaine's hand in marriage.

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