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Wondering What To Read Next?

30 Books To Read Before The End of 2017.

Leicester, UK
At the beginning of the year I wrote a post entitled '30 Books To Read Before June 2017' which definitely enabled me to be a hell of a lot more productive with my reading this year. I've managed to already get through 20, some of which came straight from the list I wrote in January. However, sometimes you discover new books or you are kindly sent some in the post from publishers themselves, it's hard to resist digging right into them even though your reading pile is already stacked enough as it is. I've really tried to formulate a list of classic stories, thrillers and some of the books sent to me. 

Autumn is on the horizon and for me there's nothing like spending those chillier, darker evenings on the sofa with a mug of something warm and a good book. I really hope these last few months of 2017 will see me really accomplish this challenge, even if it so means less content is produced on the blog! I would love some recommendations if you have any to add to the overgrowing pile of books! 

A Trafic Kind of Wonderful Eric Lindstrom

A Life Discarded Alexander Masters

All Is Not Forgotten Wendy Walker 

All The Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr

Almost Missed You Jessica Strawser

American Gods Neil Gaiman 

Buried Secrets Lisa Cutts

Carrie Stephen King

Carve The Mark Veronica Roth

Each Little Lie Tom Bale

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Gail Honeyman

Fangirl Rainbow Rowell 

Flawed Ceceila Ahern 

Geek Girl Holly Smale

Guilty Laura Elliot

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets J.K.Rowling

In Their Lives Andrew Blauner

Into The Water Paula Hawkins

IT Stephen King

Last Seen Lucy Clarke

Nobody Gets Hurt R.J.Bailey 

No Good Deed John Niven 

One Of Us Is Lying Karen M.McManus 

Perfect Cecelia Ahern

Scared To Death Kate Medina

The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger

The Great Gatsby F.Scott Fitzgerald

The Room by the Lake Emma Dibdin

The Second Sister Claire Kendal

Wildflower Drew Barrymore

Tell me, what books would you like to read before the end of 2017?


  1. I didn't like Carve the Mark too much, it just felt very messy :(

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    1. Oh no that sucks, I will read it at some point probably after my next read and let you know my verdict! x

  2. Ah! I love reading and always notice what you've been reading on Instagram! Loving this list (I might just have to make my own!) and I've got EVEN MORE books in my TBR pile now (Think we're at about 120+ according to Goodreads!) - can't wait to see all the reviews!

    Sarah xxx

    p.s. I know you won't remember me (used to be many other names, including from exquisite perspectives) but I've come back from a very long blogging hiatus and you're the first blogger I checked out and caught up on content from! I hope you're well and are still being awesome! I see your instagram photos all the time and love seeing what you're up to! xxxx


    1. Aha it's so hard not to add more books onto the TBR pile, I have such a big list at the moment it's ridiculous! Welcome back to the blogging community, hopefully you'll keep motivated and inspired to keep writing. I've had a little snoop and you do lots of books so I'll be there very often ;) xx

    2. I just find it so hard to juggle everything with teaching, and went back to a dark place, so everything stopped! I thought by easing myself back in with a .wordpress blog etc and keeping it as breezy as possible, it might help keep me going! I'm VERY into reading atm, so I'm hoping to talk about books a lot! x

  3. I've been trying to get back into reading this Summer but it's so hard when I have so much academic reading to do for uni! I'm taking Sophia Amaruso's #GIRLBOSS away on a trip at the end of the month and I am so excited to read it! x


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