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Foodies Festival, Birmingham

Cannon Hill Park, Russell Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8RD, UK
Marked on the calendar as one of the UK's biggest Food and Drinks festival, Foodies Festival made its return to Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park recently. It's a weekend of fun and fun for all of the family, and above everything else for fellow food and drink lovers like myself. The park is completely transformed into a space full of various brands showcasing their brilliant products, cocktail bars and live music. There is also Stoves Chefs Theatre which are great to see some chefs do their thing, Drinks Theatre to gain some knowledge into how drinks can compliment a meal and then the Cake & Desserts Theatre, self-explanatory but a gem in itself! 

This is the second time I have visited the festival, last year I attended with my blogger friend Steph in tow. You can read that post: Foodies Festival, Birmingham 2016 if you fancy it! The weather wasn't as good as it was last year so I definitely felt that this had an effect on the overall atmosphere. The park this year seemed a lot more spacious, great for growing numbers in interest for this event. However, I attended from around 12-4 and felt like it wasn't as busy as it was last year. 

The festival is good for browsing amongst the brands, some of which are quite local to Birmingham and meant showcasing some great stuff already amongst the city. I loved browsing and sampling some of the products, seeing whether they were to my tastebuds before deciding whether to buy some of the products. It was hard not to get as many of the delicious dessert styled products on offer, there was enough doughnuts, cakes and muffins to build a castle with; they all looked so bloody good! 

This year there was a definite feel of organisation in where specific things where in the park; from where the independent food brands were to all of the various small bars and food stalls. There is definitely a lot of choice when it comes to what to have for your lunch too! This year I decided on the Paella from a Spanish tent whilst Jordan got himself some Tacos and Chips from a nearby Mexican tuck tuck van. My Chicken paella was considerably disappointing, it was cold, had a lack of flavour and was hard to cut up the boneless chicken when they only gave you a spoon? and the price of £7 for the meal it was disappointing and definitely not worth a purchase. Jordan's tacos however looked delicious and I definitely had food envy!  

When visiting Foodies Festival I would definitely consider that the price of the food can be quite expensive for quantity and quality. It disappointed me this time so it'll definitely be something I would probably be more choosey with in the future. 

We took a glance into the There's A Beer For That tent where they were showcasing a free beer and food introduction session. This was great if you were a beer drinker or were intrigued into how you could beer some of your favourite beers with dishes. It definitely got me thinking and was a considerably enjoyable experience, even if it only lasted around 20 minutes! 

We had time to pop over to the Stove's Chef Theatre where we saw Michelin Starred Chef Brad Carter who showed us how to create a delicious lamb dish, he was clearly very passionate about what he did and this reflected in the finished dish. It smelt so good! 

I will definitely be attending Foodies Festival once again next year, hopefully in one of it's other locations around the UK. Perfect for food and drink lovers, make sure you check it out for yourself! 

*Complimentary Ticket. All photos and views are my own. 


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