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Meatcure, Hinckley, Leicester

Hinckley, UK
Hinckley in Leicester's Meatcure, an independent burger chain promises 'Good Times Ahead' in order to provide top quality burgers for reasonable prices. I only sampled the Meatcure chain earlier this year, it's been in Leicester's city centre for around a year now and I rated it for it's yummy food and tasty milkshakes! The Hinckley restaurant is new to their outreach, having only opened this year and nestled within the town's Crescent, an area full of restaurants, but definitely has something else to make it stand out. This is the fourth Meatcure to the brand, sadly their fifth in Leamington Spa closed. For this review I took along with me my parents, including my mum who tends to be the person who likes their burgers classic and not with much topping and my dad who likes to try everything, I came with the perfect army of reviewers.

The interior and feel for the restaurant is airy and spacious, there's a lot of seating options available to the customers. The kitchen and service area is open therefore you can see how the chef's create your delicious dishes. I love the industrial interior that Meatcure has and with throwback music playing during our dining experience, I felt relaxed and ready to enjoy some good food. 

Obviously first to order was a milkshake whilst waiting for my food to arrive, for the second time in a row I opted for the Peanut Butter Milkshake. I have to be honest I was quite disappointed with this milkshake, it has an incredibly thick consistency but felt like not all of the peanut butter mixture had been blended. This meant I just didn't enjoy the milkshake as much as I had raved about before and couldn't finish it. 

From the menu I decided to try one of their chicken burgers, opting for the My Cousin Vinny burger. The burger consisted of Breaded Chicken Parmigiana, Serrano Ham, Melted Mozzarella and finished off with a nice helping of Marinara Sauce. Even though it was incredibly difficult to eat without getting everywhere, the flavours were absolutely lovely. The marinara was a nice touch and enabled the chicken not to become dry and tasteless and it can do in a burger. I had a side of the Paprika Fries, I hadn't realised before there was an option to switch up your fries and I obviously embraced the opportunity. The fries had a really nice kick of flavour that the burger didn't so they really worked well with one another.

My mum had a Plain Beef Burger with Bacon whilst my dad opted for the Raging Ball burger, a beef patty based burger complete with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, chorizo, onions and smoked mayo. Both said how soft and full of flavour their beef patty's were, the brioche bun also gave the burgers an added flavour too. The atmosphere and service in the restaurant was next to none, all waiting staff really ensured we had a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. I will definitely be heading to the Hinckley branch again.

*Restaurant Review. Invited to review the Meatcure Restaurant, Hinckley, Leicester. 
All photos and views are my own. 


  1. Great place ! I am to come to Leicester in few weeks time so I might visit this place :)



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