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Olixar, The Affordable Gadgets for Bloggers.

Leicester, UK
Bloggers are known for their essential gadgets; from camera gear like the popular Olympus Pen, great editing software and a good laptop in order to accomplish their goal of creating the best content they can. Individually my most important gadget is a camera, it's the tool that takes the written context of a blog post and takes it to a whole new platform visually. Personally, I won't be the person who puts £300 or more into a camera, I'm quite realistic in that I like to make the most out of the tools I already have, the Lumix camera I do have is a secondhand product which is around 3 years old now and does just the job I'm after. 

However with cameras it can be difficult to transport these between events, trying to pack a bag with the addition of a chunky camera is tough! On many occasions I have to decide whether I need to take the chunky camera with me or I just take my IPhone and hope I can still get some pretty great shots to use in blog posts. With that in mind I was recently sent some gadget and accessories that have heavily influenced some great photography for my blog content, as well as my Instagram too.

Olixar are a company who develop gadgets and gizmos that are primarily for your smartphone. The company believe in creating premium, innovative accessories to help you live a little smarter and a whole lot easier. Overlooking the range of products Olixar have to offer before receiving my own to try out I could see that they could potentially be great for bloggers. All of them are also at reasonable, affordable prices (which is a complete winner when you don't like parting with a huge amount of cash for gadgets!). In my parcel I was sent their  *Drop and Play Wireless Speaker , *Olixar Universal Smartphone Photography Kit and the *Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit to try out for myself. I've decided to draw on the lenses specifically as they are things bloggers could make use of, however all of the products are pretty damn good and even my parents have asked for their own accessories for Christmas (that's two people already off the list then!). I've also added a sample of the kind of photos each lens takes so you can get a feel for the result of using them too. 


This was probably the lens that I found was most fiddly to use out of the products I was gifted, in fact Jordan showed me how to get the best out of this lens. All of the cameras came with universal clips making it a quick-connect product, therefore you can get cracking with taking your photos as soon as possible by clipping it over the top of your phone camera lens. The lens really captures the most beautiful and defined photography, especially if your like me and enjoy taking snaps of natural things. Some of the initial photos I took were interrupted by the wind which meant that any slight movement can really impact your final photo, so do bare that in mind.


The super-wide angle lens is perfect for travel bloggers to capture those incredible views on a better scale than what a phone can do. Just by taking this photo from the area by me I can see the potential it would bring to some incredible shots of sunsets over the beach or even surrounding areas of landmarks. I loved playing with how this lens transformed a typical landscape shot to something completely different. 


Fisheye lenses are so much fun to play with, especially if you are out and about or even just enjoying a couple of drinks with friends. I feel like this lens will be my favourite for day to day use! I did find it at first difficult to put into the right place, again it was quite fiddly but a couple of minutes adjusting it and in minutes your sorted and ready to go! The quality of photo produced is great in the entire collection of lenses which is great for bloggers, making them great for bloggers to use for their content and social media platforms. 


Tripods are great gadgets and accessorises for bloggers to use, particularly if they are branching out towards having a YouTube platform. This mini tripod is really practical, it's compact so you can carry it around with you on a day to day basis as well as being easy to attach to your phone. The tripod is also useful for landscape photos or even capturing that IG candid shot of you overlooking a landscape (yes allow your instagram/blogger boyfriend, husband or friend to put their feet up for a bit). The tripod is very stable on the ground, despite it's size it is sturdy. 


Speakers are so good for bloggers, especially if you are like me and prefer a work environment that has background noise. During the warmer days I like to take my work outside so being able to use this quick and easy speaker is great, all you need to do is switch it on and align your phone up with the product. In an instant the sound from your mobile device will transfer to the speaker and it's volume is enough not to disturb your neighbours or anyone around you. I also thought this gadget would be useful when your out shooting outfit posts, there's nothing more motivating than a playlist in the background to keep your energy up (this may only apply to me though!). 

I really enjoyed this product specifically and have loved getting some great use out of it on a day to day basis.

Overall, I thought Olixar had provided me with some great products that I could get some really great use out of in blogging and elsewhere. I would highly recommend that you check out some of the products I was gifted and some of the others they have to offer, I already have my individual wishlist of more products I'd like to test out from the brand in the future. Some really great affordable, high quality and useful products that bloggers can really use!

Gifted products are shown with (*) before them. All photos and views are my own. 


  1. I have one of the fish eye lenses for my phone and always laugh so much at the photos I get from it! I'll have to look at the others! x

  2. oohh that tripoed is something i want! The fish eye lens looks like fun!

  3. I have the fish eye and macro lens for iphone but I can only get very very blurry shots with it - do you think I'm just placing it wrong as you've said? Googled and can't seem to find any info, or heard back from supplier I bought it from! :(

  4. All these cool gadgets to enhance your photography! Thanks for sharing your tricks. Xo, Ellese


  5. I have a couple of lenses for my phone too, but a tripod would be super handy! :)

  6. Hey Emmie, this is really awesome Mobile phone Lens kit, I recently bought Amir HD Camera Lens Kits, this clip-On Cell Phone and compatible with any phone, awesome features, read more review of this, it will be useful for you.

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