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PitPat, The Must Have Gadget For Man's Best Friend.

Leicester, UK
This is Ruby. Ruby is a 10-year-old Boxer dog who is my family dog and recently stayed with me for 2 weeks whilst they went on holiday. Dogs need for exercise is just as important as it is to us human beings. It keeps your Dog healthy and happy but maybe like me, you're unaware of whether your family pet is getting the right amount of exercise it needs on a daily basis. Or maybe when you're not around you wonder what they're up to. 

PitPat* is the fun and simple way to find all of this information out. The PitPat activity monitor is a small, lightweight device that attaches securely to your dog's collar. It will fit any collar you need it to, coming with an extension of fabric should you need to use it. The device comes complete with a quick start guide that will get you and your device linked up to your mobile device and dog collar within 10 minutes. I was so impressed with how quick it was to get it all set up, especially when your dog acknowledges their about to go on a walk and you need to organise yourself in a quick manner. 

The PitPat app needed to complete your setup is free to download on the Apple App Store and from Google Play by just popping "PitPat" into the search bar. The easy to follow instructions on the app will allow you to set up a profile for your dog and to pair your phone to the small device. To get the app underway you'll need to enter a few small details about your dog like it's Gender, Age, Breed in order for the app to be accommodated to your dog's individual needs. 

After that the app will show you the ideal amount of time that your pet needs to exercise, it's always a manageable time that you can do. When inputting Ruby's information, it showed that she needed to do around 30 minutes of exercise a day. It was great fun watching Ruby reach her daily goal, as well as most times exceeding it. It has a great chart to also show you the levels of exercise that your dog undertakes during the day. To check an update on the goal all you need to do is press the PitPat collar icon in the top right-hand corner of your app and press the red pawprint button your dog's collar. In seconds it gives you an update on everything, very quick and effective in getting the full use out of it. 

I thoroughly enjoyed using this benefits and even have my parents using it on a daily basis with her now that she is back in their care. It's really important for us as pet owners to establish and understand the exercise needed for our pets and ensuring they reach it on a daily basis to keep them healthy and alive for longer. The app and tracker were great fun to use, really easy to set up and isn't noticeable at all in its size, making it great whilst she's out and about. 

MORE THAN recently carried out a survey about the relationship between dogs and their owners which made for interesting read.

Maybe you have a pet of your own that you need a PitPal for. 

*Product Review. In collaboration with Talented Talkers and Pit Pal. All views and photos are my own. 


  1. I love this - a kind of fitbit for dogs! I'm going to get one for my Border Terrier.

    1. It's cool isn't it? It's well worth getting one! x


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