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*5 Reasons You Must Visit Milton Keynes | Travelodge

Milton Keynes, UK
Nestled just South of Northampton is Milton Keynes, a place in the UK I hadn't visited until recently. UK popular hotel brand Travelodge invited me to sample a flavour of the town along with a stay in one of their hotels located there. 2017 is a special year for the town as they celebrate 50 years since the city became a new town. In celebration of the momentous occasion, the city is celebrating all the good stuff in the town as well as sharing with the world why it is a great place to live, work and visit. 

The town's iconic American feel in its design makes it distinctively different from the other UK destinations I have visited previously. Milton Keynes is a very multi-cultured town, with over 100 different languages spoken in the school. A statistic also shows that 92% of local people enjoy living in the town. Unfortunately, I only managed to capture the main blog photo as my camera is currently on the blink (typical when you're visiting a new town that has tons of potential for gorgeous photography!)

Milton Keynes has a stunning Intu centre right in the centre of the city as well as combining the town's thecentre:mk, another shopping centre that is also a grade II listed building. Combining the two shopping centres creates the 14th largest shopping centre in the UK, with over 250 stores for you to enjoy as well as many restaurants on site too. If you enjoy a good shop then this is the place to go, it continues to have plans to develop even further and is a great asset to the town.

The town's theatre is a place of excellence in the region, managed by the Ambassador Theatre Group, itself the second largest theatre group in the UK. The 1400 seat auditorium is at the heart of the city and offers a variety in its programme of first class dance, drama, musicals, opera, comedy and always has something on offer for all ages to enjoy. I was gutted that the night we were in the town that there was nothing on we would have liked to have seen, I would have loved to have gone and experienced the theatre for myself.

Game and Entertainment
We did head over to their Xscape venue, just minutes away from the town's shopping centre. Xscape is a great place to escape and have some fun with your friends and family with so many different things under the same roof. There's Hollywood Bowl, Indoor Skydiving and the Snozone as well as a huge Cineworld complex (which we enjoyed watching the new Kingsman film in btw) along with some great restaurants for you to tuck into before or after your activity. I was kinda jealous myself that this town had such an amazing offering of activities all under one roof like Xscape and wonder when Leicester will get one eh? 

Not so far away from the centre is also Aerial Extreme at Milton Keynes' Willen Lake. If you fancy testing your fear of heights and trying something new, this is the place to be! 

Image Source: Google Search Engine
Image Source: Google Search Engine
Along with an incredible Theatre, Milton Keynes also has two excellent museums for you to go and see. These are the Milton Keynes Museum and The National Museum of Computing. Full of great information and fun for the family, especially on those rainy days.

For this visit, we stayed at the Travelodge Milton Keynes at The Hub. The hotel itself is located in the heart of Milton Keynes in the city's vibrant and lively business/retail district known as "The HUb". The variety of restaurants and bars right on your doorstep is great if you don't have a lot of time to sit down and enjoy a meal, we couldn't believe the vast of options there was for me. The hotel is also in great walking location to most of the places mentioned in this post, particularly for shopping and entertainment making it a great place to stay for both business and leisure purposes

The room was very comfortable with its king size bed, I definitely enjoyed a good nights sleep in the hotel. Also included is a breakfast where there are options for both cold and hot breakfast, the restaurant also offers tasty evening meals at affordable prices. Your options are endless in Milton Keynes and was a complete surprise.

Milton Keynes is definitely a place worth visiting, an unexpected joy of an adventure and somewhere I'd love to rediscover in time to come. Thanks to Travelodge for hosting such a great little adventure! 
*Collaboration with Travelodge UK and Talented Talkers. 


  1. This is a 25 minute drive from my home town so we used to go here a lot, especially for shopping x

    1. Yeah, it thoroughly surprised me how good it was for shopping, such a lovely place :) xx

  2. I've never been to the Midlands but would love to do a road trip through England next summer- now I just have to convince a friend with a car!
    xx Margaret

    1. Yes definitely, hope you can organise it there's loads of lovely places to discover around the UK to be honest! x

  3. I like the architecture of it. When i go to UK I will visit this place for sure!


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