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If you're looking for your next theatre trip, somewhere to eat or just want to get some tips then Carpe Diem Emmie is the place for you.

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Taffy Mail, The UK's Only American Sweet Subscription Box.

Leicester, UK

Whats Halloween or a weekend without some candy to feast on? In general, there's nothing quite like trying out new candy treats from the comfort of your home. I love trying out snacks from other parts of the globe but this can be quite expensive and not very cost effective. That's where Taffy Mail comes in and becomes your favourite piece of mail delivering up to 20 American sweets and treats every month.

Taffy Mail is the UK's only American sweets monthly subscription box, with prices starting from around £7.49 for a Lite Taster Sized box to get things started. For this post, I kindly received the Extra box, the largest one available at Taffy Mail. Within it was up to 20 American sweets, of which a lot of them heavily themed towards Halloween. The Candy Corn M&M's and the Cauldron Skittles were definitely my favourites on offer. 

Because of its vast variety of sweets, there was so much to try, it was great fun diving in and sampling each of them with Jordan. They were a great accompaniment whilst watching a Halloween movie or two on the sofa. Within our Extra box, we were also treated to a can of American soda, which I think Jordan will be enjoying more than me as well as a premium item. Our premium item was a tub of Ranch flavoured Pringles, which were absolutely divine and very moreish, they didn't last long!

I think the boxes are cost effective, great for trying new things and would make a great gift for someone too! I would definitely check out Taffy Mail if you enjoy a monthly treat! :)

*Product Sample Review. 


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