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The TV Box Sets To Binge Watch This Winter.

Leicester, UK
Do it. Whether it's after you've read this post, one day next weekend or at the weekend, I am sure you'll be having a TV Show binge watch at some point this Winter. Get the kettle on, grab some snacks (my preference for Winter is a tub of Celebrations, it is nearly Christmas after all), and get yourself under the cosiest blanket you can find to watch a good old box set on the sofa or in bed. 

I love TV box sets, probably more so than I let off. Throughout the year I've got through some cracking ones as well as rediscovering some absolute favourites from years gone by. I'm quite a nostalgic person so I really enjoy programmes from when I was growing up. My taste in box sets is all over the place kind of as well, it all depends on what I need at that moment. Sometimes I need a good laugh or other times I just want something to really grab my attention. But for Winter I definitely recommend the more light-hearted, comedy ones. I suffer quite badly from anxiety during this time of year and sometimes all I need is this kind of box set.

Gavin and Stacey 
'What's occurring?!' is definitely the most iconic quote from this British sitcom. I think its one of the easiest TV box sets to get through, but I'm kinda gutted there wasn't more to the 3 series they did. There was so much more I would have liked to have seen from Ness, Smithy, Gavin and Stacey as well as the other characters. I am constantly cracking up at this and have managed to watch all of the series quite a few times.

New Girl
I have recently rekindled my love for this once E4 series. I fell off the bandwagon after the first series and haven't really picked it up until this year. It's quite an easy watch, definitely has the addition of some really funny moments too. I love Zooey Deschanel's character too.

Little Britain
Little Britain reminds me of the nights sat in bed during the weekend and cracking up at the various characters created by Matt Walliams and Matt Lucas. The British comedy series portrays characters of all different backgrounds, my definite favourite being Vicky Pollard, a teenager with lots of sass!
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Which 90's kid didn't absolutely love watching this series after school?! I managed to get my hands on the entire box set in January sales and its been the best thing to dip in and out of in the evenings. For the nostalgic feels something along the lines of Sabrina is perfect.

Vicar of Dibley
Vicar of Dibley is hilarious! I love watching this box set near Christmas because I'm guaranteed to go to be laughing out loud at it. The various different characters in the show also have their personal contributions to the flow of the series. The Christmas specials are definitely some of my favourites to watch too!

Sex and The City
Who doesn't watch Sex and The City and want to be part of their squad? I find this series so much fun to watch. The series follows four female New Yorker's as they gossip about their sex lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the '90s. This series definitely gave me all I needed to want to go to New York as well, it's so much fun to watch! I definitely dip in and out of this series more than the rest, but it's always easy to pick up where you left off. 

One Tree Hill
First of all why hasn't this entire box set made it to Netflix yet? crack on with it Netflix. I have loved One Tree Hill for many years (the entire box set was my first purchase with my student loan, lol) but yeah I love this series! I love how the variation of different storylines with the characters intertwine with the main structure, it works so well.

Ru Paul's Drag Race 
This is probably the most addictive series out of the ones I have mentioned in this post. I think Ru Paul's Drag Race is most definitely one of the best TV series discoveries of 2017 for me. I am obsessed with it, I would like more seasons in 2018 please. Until then I'm happy with re-watching all of the other seasons.

I am still gutted that this series is not officially over because I friggin' love Broadchurch. If you fancy watching something with a bit of mystery within it then Broadchurch is definitely the place to start. It's not hard to get involved with the entire plot from beginning to end if you're like me you'll probably try and solve the mystery before the series does.

Planet Earth
David Attenborough's voice is definitely one of the most soothing things ever so it's no surprise that this made the list. I love watching the various documentaries he's created over the years and they are memorising. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy watching his stuff and being fascinated by all of the facts.

What TV box sets do you enjoy over Winter?


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