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5 Things To Do Before The New Year.

Leicester, UK

The days between Christmas and New Year are a odd mixture of not knowing what day it is, spending a lot of time still indulging on the chocolates and alcohol but also with a underlining urge to get shit sorted. For me the days leading towards New Years and going back to work is the perfect time for me to tick those all important things off the to-do list that necessarily wouldn't be done otherwise for a good few weeks. Some people just don't know what to do during those days. I always like to spend these next few days cleansing and organising before a New Year rolls around, because there is nothing like getting to the New Year and feeling as though you've forgotten to do something or other. I've created 5 Things To Do Before 2018 in an attempt to be prepared and ready. 

Buy a diary.

This one is simple enough, before 2018 purchase yourself a new diary or planner. Having a clean diary or planner gives the feel of a 'new slate' to the New Year. I tend to purchase myself a new diary and notebook for the New Year and its no different for 2018. Some of my favourite places to purchase a diary are Paperchase, Oh Deer and Dot Creates. I love getting a new diary and filling it in with things I wanna do, birthdays, events that are already planned and such. When you grab yourself a notebook, get jotting down some ideas for blog posts you'd like to write on a monthly basis. 

Have a clear out.

For some strange reason once Christmas is over, your house automatically feels out of place and untidy. Having a clear out is great for organising your presents into their rightful places around your house as well as go through and get rid of the things you may no longer need in your procession. Grab yourself some bin bags and get stuck into a good clear out ready for new purchases. I'm sure there's a fair few belongings of yours that you could donate to charity too whilst doing the clear out.

Digital Cleanse.

Our social media accounts often become overwhelmed with negativity and its so important that we remain happy in the online world. So whether it's muting or unfollowing people whilst going through your social media feeds then getting rid of them is one step closer to achieving a more positive outlook. I know it's easy to keep those friends from school or old jobs who you don't talk to but it's not worth keeping them around for the sake of it. You can feel slightly awkward or guilty for deleting people but if they're not people you talk to on a regular basis or hang out with, there's no point keeping them around for the sake of it. 

Write Down What You'd Like To Achieve.

Grab your new diary or notebook and write down 5 things you'd like to achieve by the end of 2018. No matter how little or big those goals are. Those little goals you set yourself are great for motivation and inspiration, keeping them in your diary or notebook also serves as a reminder. Not everyone enjoys setting themselves goals but personally I think they're great. 

Tidy Your Workplace.

This is along the same lines as having a clear out but before the New Year it's a great opportunity to tidy up the space you work in. Whether you do or do not work from home we all have a space where we feel we are most inspired to work. I have a deskspace which often serves as a dumping ground for post, scrap pieces of notes, my laptop and such. Before the New Year organise your workplace into a clean and organised space where you can get down and work at ease. I use the opportunity to file all of my bills and even my little memory boxes (you'll be surprised at how quick these can become unorganised and untidy).

With that in mind 2018 will arrive and I will be organised, tidy and ready for whatever it holds. How do you prepare yourself for a New Year in your home?


  1. I would love to do a diary but I am the absolute worst at keeping up with them! Great list

  2. These are great tips! I really want to buy a journal to start bullet journaling and I definitely need to clear some things out! Thanks for sharing

  3. Definitely need to do all of these expecially the social media cleanse :D

  4. All such good ideas. We spent Christmas with family in Leicester and came back with a lot more things than we left with, so I immediately went into decluttering mode when we got back to our flat and had a huge clear out and it felt so good! I've also bought a family planner which is now hanging in our kitchen waiting for Jan 1st, I'm excited to use it, it came with stickers! I need that digital detox though...Lovely post, and your blog is looking amazing!Hels xxwww.thehelsproject.com

  5. These 5 tips are useful to make the coming year a better one and review the present year to know what you have achieved. I use my phone memo to take down ideas. Thanks for the lovely post.https://rawlingsunday.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/did-you-achieve-your-goals-for-this-year/

  6. Oh that's a good idea, I never think about using my phone memos but it definitely makes sense to do so! xx

  7. I am in serious need to sit down and plan out some goals for 2018! Thanks for the tips :)

  8. I love a good clear out not going to lie, I just have my bedroom to do tomorrow or on New Years then I'm ready to smash whatever 2018 throws at me. Oh family planners are good! I really need to buy a new calendar for the kitchen, that's a job for next weekend me thinks!
    Ah thankyou - I gave it a bit of a touchup before the new year. Thanks lovely! xx

  9. Yes - the social media cleanse is good for the soul, may be even worth pouring a Gin and Tonic or your beverage of choice for the activity! xx

  10. I love bullet journals, they look great but couldn't keep up with it myself. Happy with a to-do list and a notebook by my side all of the time.x

  11. Totally into a digital cleanse right now! xo, Jessica


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