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Interview with Tara Jean Popowich | MOVE IT 2018.

Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, UK
MOVE IT is the UK Dance event of the year and there's nothing like it so its a big deal. The event is coming to Excel London from 16-18 March. MOVE IT brings together 22,000 dancers over three days with the added addition of performances, classes, career advice, celebrities, interviews, and shopping too. It's the perfect event for those people considering to take the next steps in pursuing a career in dance or just enjoy the opportunity to see some of the best dancers in the business in breathtaking Main Stage performances. 

MOVE IT celebrates all forms of dance and the performing arts under one roof. 

This year I'm lucky enough to be representing them as one of their Advocates. As an advocate, I want to share with you some incredible interviews with some outstanding professionals in the sector as well as share some information on what you can expect ahead of the event if you were interested. To begin this I am going to be chatting with some of MOVE IT's 2018 Ambassadors, first up is Canadian based professional Tara Jean Popowich

Tara began her dancing at the age of 3, in a small town in Canada. "I was raised by a wonderful single mom, who is a superhero to my brother and I". Tara knew she wanted to be a professional dancer from around 12 and remembers announcing it to her mum who replied 'you'll do it'.

Tara Jean Popowich launched onto a platform when she won the So You Think You Can Dance Canada season 2. Tara has since done a variety of things throughout Canada and the U.S as well as many countries across the globe. Recently TJ was living in India and made the top 6 as the celebrity on season 7 of Dancing With The Stars. Does TJ believe that her stint on So You Think You Can Dance has been the pinnacle moment for her career now, "It definitely has helped, but not just giving me a title. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. So it helps shape who you are as a person and work ethic". 

After the show, Tara Jean was based out of NYC and Los Angeles. Whilst in NYC she was Carly Rae Jepson's choreographer as well as a dancer seen on Jimmy Fallon and Live with Kelly. TJ explained how she got into those opportunities, "I've slowly been transitioning into more choreography. I have the same love seeing dancers or artists do my work, as I do performing. It was a great opportunity to choreograph and dance for Carly Rae, performing on Jimmy Fallon and Live WIth Kelly.

When asking Tara Jean reflects on her career so far she reflects on the hard work and luck she's had to continue in her opportunities, "being able to dance on TV shows around the world" has been one of her highlights. But what else? "Being on stage in other countries, and people wanting to know your name. It’s such an incredible feeling. The highlight though would be traveling to third world countries and talking with wonderful people with big dreams. Everything is possible!" One experience she reflects on particularly is her time in South Africa, "I traveled to orphanages and schools. Seeing the smile on these kids faces, while we played drums to make music. Dance brings so much joy around the world".

This year Tara Jean Popowich is joining MOVE IT as one of their ambassadors, "it's been a goal to be involved with MOVE IT and I've been traveling to the UK a lot within the last year". 

TJ can't wait to get stuck in the role and be there throughout the event itself, "Having so many passionate dancers in one place is going to be incredible all on its own". Tara Jean explained that she wanted to utilize this role to "give as much feedback as I can. We all have to support each other, continue our love for dance and share our experience with other passionate dancers". 

What kind of advice does TJ give to aspiring professional dancers?
"Figure out what you have that’s different than everyone else. No 2 people are the same, so once you are truly comfortable in your own skin, go for it. Work as hard as you possibly can, and then work even harder. Anything is possible!".

You can see Tara Jean Popowich at the MOVE IT event where she will be judging the MOVE IT and Capizio Championships as well as teaching contemporary classes. 

So to finish off I asked TJ why she thinks people should attend MOVE IT?
"Meet thousands of people with the same passion. Get to dance, watch dance, support dance, learn, grow! It’s an incredible experience, and I feel so lucky to be apart of it. "

You can find out more about Tara Jean's classes as well as more about the event by heading over to the MOVE IT website.

If you are interested in attending the event at Excel London between 16-18 March you can get yourself 5% off Adult and Child tickets when entering 'Emmie' at the checkout.


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