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8 Places To Visit In The UK in 2018.

United Kingdom

2018 will be the year I travel more of the UK, I am pretty sure of it. I love exploring the UK and using my time planning some great escapes. I have a couple of things already planned for the year until around July but there's still time to squeeze in more! 

Back in February, I headed to London with ibis Hotels for the weekend. I really enjoy the idea of whisking somewhere in our car and getting in lots of activities within the space of 48 hours. It definitely inspired me to do more of that. If you want inspiration yourself then a lot of that has definitely come from spending hours on Pinterest (trust me that site for travel inspiration is the one!). If you are looking into how you can plan the perfect trip then I have an exclusive 25% off code with Bradt Travel Guides at the bottom of this blog post. If you have a local trip in the pipeline and want some inspiration for what to do when you are there, Bradt some of the best Travel Guides I've read.

With that in mind here are the 8 Places To Visit in the UK in 2018.

York Minister. Photo Credit: Cups of Charlotte
Edinburgh. Photo Credit: Buckets of Tea


The last time we went to York was when we visited York Dungeons in 2016 or when we've passed through heading to somewhere else. It's such a beautiful place in Northeast England. York holds over 1900 years' of history and is such a lovely place for a short getaway. The York Minster is quite something alone but I absolutely love The Shambles in York too, the cobbled streets and small shops are great to explore. Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons has some stunning photos of York over on her Instagram account that makes me excited to be heading here in July for my birthday and with #visityork. 


Edinburgh has been on my list of places to visit for YEARS. I am completely obsessed with this place.It doesn't help that I am constantly lusting over Georgina's Instagram feed which is always full of stunning Edinburgh photos. I'm not fussy but I'd love to visit Edinburgh before Christmas, all of Zoella's vlogs of her visits are to thank for this. I'd love to head up there in August for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'd love to jump on a bus tour in Edinburgh and basically explore it as much as possible, of course throwing in some Harry Potter spots! So, better get pestering the boyfriend to book our trip ;).

Liverpool. Photo Credit: Sophie Rosie

Lake District. Photo Credit: Stratford Fringe. 


Liverpool is up there as one of my favourite cities in the UK, I just absolutely love it. The last time I visited here was for a treat when I graduated from university with my friend. The city offered us so much to celebrate the end of university. Liverpool is known for its music history so oh course on my next visit I'd love to do The Beatles Tour (I did this on a previous visit but I don't remember the experience). I always head to the Albert Docks where I always enjoy a cold glass of wine and a delicious meal whilst overlooking the sunset in the distance. Oh, I would recommend that you head over to the Cavern Club too, particularly if you want the whole Beatles experience or just enjoy some great live music. Helene in Between has a fantastic blog post with tons of tips for 48 Hours in Liverpool that I've purposely bookmarked for a future trip! 


I love the great outdoors and everything associated with nature, so England's largest National Park, Lake District is definitely up there for my UK Travel Bucket List in 2018. I'll be heading here in April for a small weekend break near Lake Windermere, I cannot tell you how excited I am for a weekend of fresh air (and hopefully when I can encourage myself to blackout and have no social media for the weekend!). The lakes offer some great activities, probably most known for its walking tours and there are loads of information about these and more on the Lake District website.

The Cotswolds. Photo Credit: Rosehill Travel
Leeds. Photo Credit: Sophie Cliff


The Cotswolds provides a variety of sloping green hills and ancient, picturesque towns, and villages in the south-western and west-central of England. It spans over the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, whilst also reaching into other parts of that area too. It's a designated area of Oustanding Natural Beauty and looks like the perfect place to explore. It has areas known for featuring in films, like Harry Potter. The Gloucester Cathedral was used in most of the Harry Potter films as Hogwarts. It's great going to somewhere you have seen in some great films and linking those up to locations. I can't wait to pop into a couple of the coffee shops here, enjoy some delicious grub in a pub and just take as many photographs as possible. 


So many bloggers are based in Leeds that you expect I've been to visit them and their city, I haven't unfortunately but hopefully in 2018 I'll be heading there. The Visit Leeds website has a great post entitled '18 Things to Try in Leeds in 2018' which has lots of inspiration if you plan on taking an adventure up there. I'm a massive foodie so the new Kirkgate Market which offers street food dining sounds my kind of thing for sure! Leeds offers a lot of Culture too with some fantastic venues for the theatre and art. I love Sophie Cliff's post 24 Hours in Leeds which gives great inspiration for a day in the city. 

Bristol. Photo Credit: Mama Travels Earth.
Isle of Wight. Photo Credit: Visit Isle of Wight website.


Bristol is a beautiful area in South West England and the biggest city in this area of the UK. It's not far from Bath Spa (another place I would love to visit soon too!). If you love the coloured houses of London's Notting Hill you will find an absolute delight because Bristol has some too! Yay for great Instagram photos! Well known graffiti artist Banksy is from here and you can still see some of his work dotted around the city. Bristol is known for hosting Europe's largest hot air balloon fiesta every August, which looks delightful. I can imagine walking around the city, eating an ice cream and enjoying all of the culture, food, and history Bristol has to offer its visitors. I've been scrolling through the Visit Bristol Instagram feed regularly just hoping that I can book a visit here soon!


One of my friends moved to the Isle of Wight in primary school and ever since it's always been a place that I'm curious about visiting. It's home to the iconic, Isle of Wight Festival (one of my must visit music festivals for sure!). The Isle of Wight is perfect if you'd like to get away from the mainland of England as it's less than 2 hours from London. It's situated off the South coast of England and is a great Holiday Island for you to enjoy. There are loads of places to explore and even offers fantastic beaches! 

What's on your list of places to visit in the UK in 2018? 

If you are looking for some travel inspiration that's on the global side then you may enjoy 7 Destinations For The 2018 Bucket List

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  1. The Isle of Wight is amazing to visit. I loved it when I went for a weeks camping.

    1. Oh - I will have to go! It just looks beautiful, I think i'd really like it there! xx

  2. Have a fab time in Leeds be sure to check out Kirkstall Abbey, Roundhay Park and the victoria quarter and Trinty Leeds shopping.

    1. Oh thanks for the recommendations for Leeds, I'll have to write these down! xx

  3. You're so right Em, we have a beautiful country that we really should see more of!!
    Isle of Wight is one of my most favourite places in the world, its beautiful!!

    1. We really should, it's all about the funds to do so too! Oh I'll have to check out the Isle of Wight, it's never mentioned but it's beautiful! xx

  4. A great list! Look foward to reading about them as you tick them off your list this year!

    1. Thanks hun, I had a lot of choices to choose from! :) xx

  5. I love this post! Out of your bucket list I would love to visit Edinburgh and go back to the Lake District. Last time I was there I was 6! If you go to the Isle of Wight - try and rent out a VW Camper Van! We hired one called Penny (It was Pink) and was great way to see the Isle of Wight for cheap! We were meant to take it to the Isle of Wight festival, but it was the year of heavy rain and didn't fancy breaking the chassis getting towed out! Can't wait to read about your adventures! x

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for your awesome comment. Oh yes - I always forget about camper vans for these kind of trips. We're working with a camper van brand in May which we're planning to take around the Cotswolds, it just better be good weather! xx

  6. The Lake District is somewhere I would definitely love to visit!
    Liverpool is an absolutely amazing city (I've been there quite a few times!) xx

    Lucy | https://www.lucymary.co.uk/

    1. Oh the Lake District is beautiful - I want to see so much more of it now! I love Liverpool too, I've been once before but going at the beginning of July and I'm so excited! xx


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