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Flavourly's Craft Gin Club.

I am a huge lover of Gin and I want to discover some fantastic brands from across the UK this year and feature them for reviews on my blog. First up in this series is Flavourly's Craft Gin Club. Flavourly is a fantastic company who offer people the chance to discover new drinks from the comfort of their own home - and with tons of research done behind the scenes, they offer the best on the market. 

The founder Ryan O'Rorke has spent 3 years creating a huge community of not just gin but also beer and whisky lovers so as to share their reviews and thoughts on the drinks on offer from Flavourly. It's clear that the company want to help people find the drinks they'll love, hearing their views and then finding more drinks that you'll love just as much (if not more!) 

The Craft Gin Club is pretty fantastic. Each month the top gin experts at Flavourly help their community discover the best small-batch craft gin from the most exciting distilleries in the UK (and beyond too!). Each month they listen to their community and their reviews to make sure they provide new and exciting brands to you. The subscription service comes with 3x200ml bottles of gin, some tonic, and a snack to enjoy your gin with for the price of £34.99 a month. 

As part of my subscription box, I received a bottle of Badachro Gin, Manchester Gin and Sovereign Elderflower and Gooseberry Liqueur along with Lamb & Watt Original Tonic Water. Here's what I thought of the Gin's I received.. 

Badachro Gin 4/5
This Gin was created in the small town of Badachro, in the Scottish Highlands. This gin has been created by sourcing local ingredients, the husband and wife team of Gordon and Vanessa will only use what they can see from the distillery. In this gin are botanicals of juniper, wild myrtle, gorse blossom, coriander, lemon and citrus peel, lime leaf, angelica, liquorice, elderflower, and lavender. It is as fresh and smooth as it sounds in its flavour. I found this gin was extremely refreshing with the tonic and a slice of lemon and I could definitely picture myself sipping on a bottle of this product happily during the summer months. Really lovely gin with lots to offer.

Wild Spirit Manchester Gin 5/5
My absolute favourite Gin supplied to me in my Craft Gin Club subscription box was without a doubt Manchester Gin's Wild Spirit. Having never sampled Manchester Gin before I didn't know what to expect. The gin has been infused with Sage, Thyme, Orris, Lemon Balm and Silver Birch. It sounded pretty earthy so I wasn't sure whether it would be for my own palate. It was really delicious over some ice, some of the Lamb & Watt Original Tonic Water and finished off with a slice of lime. Once I'm finished with my sample from Flavourly I'll definitely be repurchasing this one from Manchester Gin.

Sovereign Elderflower and Gooseberry Liqueur 4/5
Liqueurs are a great way of trying out sweet and inviting flavours that are heavily centered around gin. This one already sounded pretty delicious by the flavours on the label to be honest. Sovereign Spirits have created a sweet and subtle liqueur that is blended with a handpicked British Gin, the finest of elderflowers and gooseberries. There is a definite sweet tone when you first drink this product but it also has some slight tart kick that blends really nicely. I could taste the elderflower notes stronger than the gooseberries. I'd love to drink this on a cold evening over some ice. I'm quite intrigued to take their recommendation of using it as a base with sparkling wine, definitely next on my list to try. Overall, a really nice product! 

I was thoroughly impressed with the range of different flavours offered from the 3 different gin products provided to me by Flavourly. 

If you enjoy sampling gin and trying something new then I would definitely give Flavourly a visit. If gin isn't your thing but Craft Beer is then Flavourly also have a fantastic Craft Beer Club, you can find out more about them on their website here.

*PR samples provided in return for a blog post. 

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  1. I love reading up about all the gins! Think a trip to the gin shop in Lincoln is needed. Great post Emmie. X

    1. Oh yes it is, I want to find more gin's now after trying out these! x

  2. I had no idea there were so many gins! I loved this post Emmie, and I think I'll have to try some of the Wild Spirit Manchester Gin you gave 5 stars to as well. - Tasha

    1. Oh definitely the Manchester Gin is great, I've asked to purchase another one of these because it was so good! xx

  3. I got a Flavourly craft beer subscription for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves it, such a good idea.

    1. Oh good, glad he likes it! Bet he loves receiving it every month and trying something new! :D xx

  4. This actually sounds like it's a really good value box. I always prefer buying the smaller bottles to try a variety of gins rather than buying one bigger bottle, but the smaller bottles are harder to come by!

    1. Yeah they are, I wish smaller bottles were able to be purchased so you could try it. Nothing worse then not liking a gin and having a big bottle of it to get through! x


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