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Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Heading to Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

Belgrade Square, Corporation St, Coventry CV1 1GS, UK

For one night only on Thursday 10 May, Europe's premier touring Taiko ensemble bring an explosive live show to Coventry's Belgrade Theatre. The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers will bring an incredible combination of thundering rhythms, masked choreography and post-apocalyptic marital imagery that will astound the audience. 

The Mugenkyo drummers are the UK's longest established Taiko ensemble. Established in 1994, the company boasts an international reputation as leading performers in the genre, as well as creating pioneering performances here in Britain. The company are based in South Lanarkshire and offer a wide range of workshops, performances, and training programme from their purpose-built Mugen Taiko Dojo, converted from an old farmhouse.

Mugenkyo, meaning "limitless reverberation" expresses the company's belief that Taiko should be without limitations, either musically or geographically. The company have undertaken extensive touring so that they can set the bar for Taiko drumming throughout Europe, acting as vital ambassadors for this distinctive art form.

Their furiously energetic performances are likened to "watching Mad Max, Kill Bill, Kodo, Stomp and Keith Moon, all rolled into one big, brainstorming display". Coventry's audiences should expect a unique experience on Thurs 10 May, their performance will fuse irresistible rhythm with perfectly synchronised movement and stunning costumes in one incredible event.

You'll hear thunderous vibrations from the huge Odalko drum, set off by the delicate sound of bamboo flutes and soulful vocals in layered and percussive soundscapes. Meanwhile, the artists are dressed in diverse costumes ranging from edgy industrial outfits to gorgeous, earthy skills that are combined with innovative dance moves. You will not want to miss this visual feast during its performance at Belgrade Theatre.

To find out more about Mugenko Taiko Drummers, you can head over to the Belgrade Theatre website to book your tickets. The performance takes place for one night on Thursday 10 May, you won't want to miss it.


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