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Selkirk Distillers Gin.

Selkirk TD7, UK
If you saw my previous post, Flavourly's Craft Gin Club then you would see I am intrigued in sampling Gin's from all over the country. Particularly as Summer approaches nearer, I am dreaming of the days out in the garden sipping on a delicious G&T. I'm obviously thinking prematurely that we'll get a warm summer in the UK. The next Gin brand I'm going to be telling you about comes from the Scottish Borders, a little town called Selkirk. 

Selkirk Distillers are new to the Gin business, having produced their first Gin back in September 2017. Two couples from the town came together to produce high-quality spirits from the rich history and wealth of natural resources that the Scottish Borders has to offer. This was proven with their release of Reiver's Gin

The Reiver's Gin is produced in small batches. It's main botanical grows wild on the rolling lowland hills of Selkirkshire. The Whin Flower, otherwise known as the golden flower of the thor, is handpicked, cleaned and dried by the creators before infusing it within their Gin. The other botanicals included are Juniper, orange, lemon, grapefruit (peel),  Angelica Root, Liquorice root and Gorse flower. 

I found this Gin incredibly refreshing and I served my sample over some ice and a lemon wedge. Finished off with a plain tonic, the flavours are easily identified in this Gin. Selkirk Distillers say to serve it with orange peel but I definitely felt as though I got some great flavours regardless of how I garnished it. The citrus flavours were really well blended and for me, this Gin would be perfect for the summer months. I couldn't fault how incredibly fresh the Gin was and would definitely repurchase this Gin for myself. 

You can find out more about the Reiver's Gin by visiting the Selkirk Distillers website

The second Gin I sampled from this distillery was their Bannock Gin. This second creation from the Selkirk Distillery was launched in December 2017. The base ingredient for this product also has deep roots within Selkirk. The bannock (slightly, sweet fruit loaf) used in the process of making the Gin comes from Cameron's Bakery in Selkirk, which is home to the original bannock. The first batch of this Gin almost sold out in a day! This Gin is used making a juniper led flavour and macerating it with the local fruit bread, bannock to produce a buttery Gin. 

The distillery advises serving this Gin over ice and with a slice of orange and ginger ale. I just served mine up with a slice of lime and tonic, which was just as nice. Once you acknowledge that bannock is a fruit bread you can really taste the flavours of a fruit loaf type thing. I found the flavours of this Gin comforting, I could really enjoy this at any time of the year but probably more so during Autumn. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could see why it was incredibly popular. 

If you'd like to find out more about the Selkirk Distillers, you can visit their website for further information here. I've also written a fantastic post about the Flavourly's Craft Gin Club if you'd like to give it a read. 


  1. I love finding new gins! Especially this time of year. There are so many great distilleries in the UK! x


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