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REVIEW | Legally Blonde UK Tour.

Theatre Square, Nottingham NG1 5ND, UK
Photo Credit: Robert Workman
Legally Blonde
UK Tour
Theatre Royal, Nottingham

There have been several productions of the musical adaptation of Legally Blonde since it premiered over 10 years ago on Broadway. The adaptations of the iconic 2001 movie have been astounding and the latest UK Tour is no different in my eyes. 

The show, based on the novel Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown and the hit movie follows Elle Woods as she pursues a journey from Malibu sorority girl to Harvard Law. All in the name to win back the love of her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III, who dumped her before leaving to study. The story follows Elle as she discovers that having faith in yourself is far more important in having the faith from others. Her transformation from debunking the classic blonde bimbo stereotype and proves that having good looks doesn't make an individual hollow or dumb. 

This new production is led by Lucie Jones. Lucie had a busy 2017 when she represented  Great Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as stints in other productions. It's no doubt that her locals are faultless and Elle's character really suits Lucie well. Elle is a really energetic, witty, and persistent character and I felt that Lucie really embedded Elle Woods well. She really brought the house down when performing the title song Legally Blonde, showcasing her vocal repertoire. 

The book by Heather Hach definitely gives the story a lot of slick and punch, even though the lack of scenery production seemed sparse. The staging never felt 'complete' as such and I did expect more from this production in terms of design. The musical numbers of the performance packed bags of energy, co-choreographers Anthony Williams, and Dean Street executed some great creativity into them. A stand out for me was Gay or European which incorporated slick hand gestures that stood out and was received well by the audience. 
Photo Credit: Robert Workman
Photo Credit: Robert Workman

Photo Credit: Robert Workman

Collectively the entire cast was flawless. Ex-Eastenders actress Rita Simons really surprised me with her enjoyable performance as salon owner Paulette. I thought she brought great humor and a carefully carved character to the bill. I would love to see her in more stuff in the future.  

Notably, this production definitely felt fresh and had included some of its own personality to make for a fantastic musical. They integrated modern, popular references into it that worked perfectly.

Legally Blonde is undoubtedly a musical that makes you feel fabulous and guarantees to put a smile on your face. The thunderous applause from the audience at the end sums up what an incredible night at the theatre it is! #

Do not miss your chance to watch Elle Woods and the cast of Legally Blonde strut their stuff and it's So Much Better than before! 

The Legally Blonde UK Tour is performing at the Theatre Royal Nottingham until 19 May, but you can also catch it at other venues across the UK. 

You can find out more by visiting here


  1. I love Legally Blonde! This looks right up my street!

    xx elleanorwears.com

    1. Oh it was so good, I love Legally Blonde so this definitely rekindled my love for the musical! x


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