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Summer Holiday Essentials.

It's that time of year again where most of us will be jetting off on our Summer Holiday. Therefore will need to begin the daunting task of packing (and ensure you don't forget anything!)
The art of packing, as so often in life, you learn from your mistakes. Countless times we’ve all packed just shy of our baggage allowance and ended up just wearing a handful of items. But it’s undeniable that packing is notoriously known for being difficult and is one job almost all of us dread, myself included.
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So, you’ve booked the flights and found the perfect place to rest your head, done the most important thing and researched the most Instagrammable locations and restaurants to head to upon your arrival. But now it's time to do the one thing you've been trying to avoid for as long as possible: pack your suitcase.
What do I pack for a Summer Holiday? Here are some of the main items I believe you need, to ease the pain of packing for your summer break. You might want to grab a notepad and a pen for this:

The Essentials.

When going on holiday, it is crucial you have the essentials in check. Always ensure you’ve got your passport with you when heading to the airport – and make sure it is in date! – as well as any visa details if one is needed. I always pop my passport into my hand luggage as the first thing I do.
If carrying around any cash or loose change makes you feel uneasy, it is worth considering a cash card. For example, the Post Office offers a ‘Travel Money Card’ which is essentially a prepaid multi-currency card that’s convenient, easy to use and secure. These cards are often used if you're planning a trip to several countries and just want to take a single card, or in countries where there isn't a specific pre-paid card that carries that currency.

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The clothes you pack in your suitcase is wholly dependent on the climate of your summer holiday destination. If you are heading to colder climates, you may want to put down the sunglasses and opt for something a little more weather-appropriate, such as a thick winter coat. However, if you are opting for warmer climates, think about the following:
  • Dresses – opt for cotton fabrics to allow your skin to breathe in the heat. In addition, kaftan styles are fool-proof and chic, and perfect for the beach to the bar.
  • Shorts – whatever colour or style, denim is (and always will be) a summer must-have item.
  • T-shirts – you can never take enough t-shirts with you. Whether you wear a slogan, plain or embroidered tee, they are useful for teaming with shorts during the day and can be dressed up for the evenings. I'm a huge fan of slogan tee's this year so I'll be packing lots!
  • Shoes - Have you ever packed a pair of heels for a holiday and never even worm them? me. I'd definitely opt for more sand and cobbled street-friendly footwear, such as flip-flops and a pair of comfortable sandals that can be used in from day-to-night. It's also worth taking trainers if you're planning on doing a lot of walking and sight-seeing.
  • Swimwear - you may intend on taking a dip in the swimming pool or sea, or to make the most of the sunbathing opportunities on offer, swimwear is vital. If you are planning on heading away for a week, take two different bikinis that you can easily mix and match. If you're feeling extra-sassy for this holiday consider matching your two-piece to a pool inflatable. There are some really great ones out there right now such as a flamingo rubber ring or avocado shaped blow-up.
    It is also worth taking a one-piece swimsuit for those days where you feel like covering up – perhaps if you've eaten too much of the all-inclusive breakfast buffet.


One other thing on a summer holiday that is crucial; sunglasses. I always take a pair of my trusty Primark sunglasses in a tortoiseshell colour that is versatile with all of my outfits. In addition, if you are a hat-lover, a woven straw hat is a timeless summer item. You can purchase one of these abroad for a small price to avoid having to squeeze one in your suitcase.

Don't take your most expensive jewellery with you on holiday as you'll end up worrying about losing it or locking it away in a safe. Alternatively, take a few pieces that you tend to wear on a daily basis, as well as a pair of earrings for the evening.

When going on holiday, there are three main types you should take, and no more. A simplistic straw bag is great for taking to the beach, a clutch is perfect for the evening and a cross-body bag or a bagpack is good for keeping everything else in one place when out sight-seeing.

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Toiletries aren't too important when you go on holiday, as you can always go to a local shop and purchase items once you've arrived. However, some of the key essentials you could consider packing at home include; sun cream, after-sun, shower gel, deodorant, cleanser/moisturiser, razors, tweezers, toothbrush and toothpaste, a small first-aid kit of plasters and paracetamol, shampoo and conditioner, hair accessories (such as clips and hairbands), a brush and a lip balm with SPF.


Do not bother taking your whole makeup bag on holiday, just a few products will do. Narrow your makeup bag to the bare essentials, such as a waterproof mascara, concealer, and highlighter - perhaps even some perfume if you don't plan on cashing in at Duty Free!


When heading abroad, a charger and adaptor are a must, as well as a small portable charger for days at the beach or sight-seeing when scrolling through Instagram or using instastories may drain your battery quickly.

Poolside Reading

I'm a huge bookworm, particularly on holiday. I always take a couple of physical copies but a Kindle is also great if you are likely to get through quite a few books. If you are looking for some holiday reading inspiration I have loads on my blog already here.

What are your Summer Holiday Essentials?

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