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The English Drinks Company Gin.

Shropshire, UK
Next on my list of Gin's to try and tell you about is from The English Drinks Company. The company from Shropshire was set up in 2015, and the gin market has grown massively since. The company offers two gin flavours (Cucumber and Pink) that provide a great twist on traditional gin. Let's see what The English Drinks Company has to offer for gin enthusiasts! 

Photo Credit: Gin Foundry 

The first gin created by The English Drinks Company was their  Cucumber Gin, an award-winning premium gin. The Cucumber Gin was created to be all about the cucumber and is made from 100% British grain with distilled cucumber. This gin gives off the essence of an English summer, without all of the rain. The cucumber flavour is combined with a delicate juniper base, perfect for a summer drink with a difference. The sweetness of the cucumber compliments the vibrancy of the botanical ingredients, resulting in a delicate and unique taste experience for people to enjoy.  The gin would compliment well when finished with coriander sprigs and mint. Of course, add some tonic and some ice for the perfect gin and tonic. 

In less than 3 months after it was launched, it won an International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) coveted Silver medal and later recieved 4 stars from Difford's Guide, and 2 coveted Great Taste Award stars. I had a lot to expect from this gin! 

If I'm honest this gin wasn't too my preference, I can see why it has a big appeal with the choice of flavours but I didn't enjoy it.  I found the cucumber flavour almost too overpowering for me. I would definitely most likely drink this in the summer, but it wouldn't necessarily be the first gin I'd choose.

Photo Credit: Gin Foundry
Following from their multi-award-winning Cucumber Gin comes a fantastic beverage in the summer. Their new Classic Pink Gin elegantly crafts together the flavours of Pomegranate and Chinchona bark for this product. The combination of these flavours results in a blend that is delicate and deliciously smooth that is suitable for all palates. This gin would be great for your summertime cocktails. 

This gin was definitely more up my street than the alternative Cucumber one and I could definitely see myself sipping on this in the garden. If you enjoy Gin's that are fruity and not the dry ones then this would definitely suit you. The Classic Pink Gin would go well with either tonic water or lemonade, depending on your preference. Just don't forget to put some ice into the glass too! 

I'd definitely recommend that you go and check out The English Drinks Company and their two gin products. You can visit their website here

If you enjoyed reading this post about the gin from The English Drinks Company then you may also like to check out the Selkirk Distillers Gin who also provide great gin. 


  1. Ooh that pink gin is such a vivid shade! Looks and sounds amazing!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

    1. Oh Rachael it's so damn good, it's very refreshing for sure! x

  2. I like the sound of the Cucumber gin. I quite like Hendricks so can only guess it’s slightly similar x

    1. Yeah I guess it would be, I just don't like Cucumber gin unfortunately :(! xx

  3. Still wish I liked gin, that pink flavour is calling me

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk


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