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The Ideal UK Walking Holidays with Inntravel.

Leicester, UK
Walking is a fantastic way to keep fit. Walking has a vast variety of benefits for your body. Some of these benefits include an increased cardiovascular fitness, improves balance, reduces body fat, increases muscle strength, and reduces stress and anxiety levels. It’s no surprise then that walking is Britain’s most popular outdoor recreation by far and why there has been a rise in people booking walking holidays.

One of the specialists in offering slow holidays are Inntravel. Inntravel have been offering self-guided holidays throughout Europe and beyond since 1984. Inntravel have a range of carefully crafted trips that has something for everyone - even the most occasional walker or cyclist. You’re free to explore the wonderful landscapes at your own pace, following the detailed route notes set out by Inntravel taking you from one welcoming hotel to the next. You don’t need to worry about your luggage as it’ll be transported ahead, leaving you with little to worry about during your trip.

Photo Source: Pexels.
I’m taking part in this campaign to talk about Inntravel because I’m always looking for new adventures that will get me outdoors. Inntravel truly encompasses the great outdoors and encourage us to have that time to experience the best of British countryside and quaint areas. Also, it’s incredible for my mental health and time to move away from a screen. If it’s a walking holiday in the UK you are after, then Inntravel has tons to offer you over on their website.

Within the UK, Inntravel provides a great selection of holidays that are during the late Spring - late Autumn months across 4-6 nights.

If you’re a big foodie like me but also enjoy combining that with the great outdoors then you’ll love Inntravel’s “Yorkshire Gastronomic Trail” holiday.

North York Moors National Park. Source: Unknown
This 4-night adventure ends in the Yorkshire Food Capital of Malton. They have a Malton Food Lovers Festival that takes place on the 26th and 27th of May, the perfect for your holiday. Here are some reasons why I think the Yorkshire Gastronomic Trail is a fantastic trip for you to enjoy,

  • A scenic 45-minute drive through the North York Moors National Park by none other than local food experts, Sue and Aidan Nelson. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for me to see incredible views and take thousands of photos at my leisure.
  • I am a huge lover of cheese (not just at Christmas) so I’d be tucking into the opportunity to visit the Botton Village Creamery where artisan cheese-maker Alastair Pearson will be there to meet with guests and show you behind-the-scenes. Their Dale End Cheddar is an award-winning cheese so I wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to try out the good stuff they have.
  • Thixendale looks like a quaint and picturesque place. The village is home to the Palmer’s family-run Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil. You’ll be shown how a British alternative to olive oil is created right before your eyes.  This would be a great opportunity for me to find out more about something I’ve heard loads about.
  • Of course, if I’m going somewhere that is about good cheese, I need to accompany it with good wine. I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity for a private tour of a local vineyard. The Yorkshire Gastronomic Trail provides an opportunity to see the most northly commercial vineyard in Britain, Ryedale Vineyards.

I love how this trip offers the opportunity to take on some great foodie experiences but I would also enjoy the opportunity to work it all off with some self-guided walking. My inner foodie would absolutely love this experience. Yorkshire is a really beautiful area of Britain and Inntravel will capture everything you need for a short break.

Obviously the Yorkshire Gastronomic Trail is not the only walking holiday that Inntravel has to offer, A Cotswold Treat and The Hardy Way are just two of the others I loved the look of.

*In collaboration with Inntravel. All words are my own.

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  2. This sounds great, especially with all the foodie trips!

    1. Yes - I think that's the biggest appeal for me - got to love some foodie inspired trips! x


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