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What Travelling Alone Will Teach You About Yourself.

Leicester, UK
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There is something really magical about travelling, and even more so about travelling solo. You get to decide the destination, the itinerary and adventure, but not only that, you will learn so much about yourself. Here is what travelling alone will teach you about yourself.
You are strong
When travelling alone, you will discover that you can deal with so much more than you thought. It’s not something that will come easy but you will be surprised at your own strength, ability, and resourcefulness and you can be really proud of yourself when you are back on home soil.

The joy of being alone
Being alone and being lonely are two different things, and there is nothing like exploring a new city on your own to highlight this. Sure, you might feel a little lonely at times but being alone can be liberating and is a skill that not everyone has.

You can do without many things
In your everyday life, you might feel as though you can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, or go more than an hour without checking your social media. When you are travelling, however, you can let your skin breathe, and your mind be in the moment, and you will be so grateful to be free of these things that you thought you needed.
What you like
It is only by trying new things that we discover a wider range of things we live and dislike. Travelling to new cultures will allow you to try new foods, drinks, activities and customs and discover which you like and which you don’t.

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Who you really are

As cheesy as it might sound, a lot of soul-searching will be done when you are travelling alone. You will learn who you really are when you are out of your comfort zone and away from your home comforts and will have plenty of opportunities to decide who or what you want to become.

How to make friends
When you are travelling in a group, or even a pair, you may find that you don’t get around to ever making friends with a local in the place you are visiting. As a solo traveller, however, this is something that you need to learn to do. Solo travellers are easier to approach than a group so make sure you keep your body language open and see every person you interact with as a potential new friend.   
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The places you love

You might surprise yourself with the places you enjoy and those that you don’t. There are so many places I want to visit this year and the more I visit, the more I find to add to my bucket list! You may find that places you’ve always dreamt of seeing aren’t how you imagined them, but places you are merely passing through might become your new favourite places.  

Although travelling solo can be scary and difficult at times, it is also completely life-changing and will teach you so much about yourself. Have you ever travelled alone? Let me know in the comments.

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