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18 Things I Want To Achieve This Summer.

Leicester, UK
It's officially summer and there's a heatwave on the horizon. Also in around 3 weeks I'll be finishing work and my Summer Holidays will begin. If you didn't know already I work in a school so I have 6 weeks to do as I please, of course, I have some work commitments but all in all I'll be enjoying my holidays before I head into a new job at the end of August. I just can't wait to get stuck into all of the goodness Summer can bring with it and hopefully the gorgeous weather we've been lucky to have recently will be around for the majority of the 6 weeks.

Also, I turn 27 during the Summer (29 July to be exact) and I'd really like to make the last days of being 26 as great as they can be. 2018 wasn't too kind to me for a couple of months so I'm ready to make it better towards the end. 

Unlike other years I've decided to create a bucket list this Summer, 18 things I'd like to achieve by the time the end of August rolls around and I begin my new job. Maybe this will inspire you to put together your own little Summer bucket list - I loved reading Sophie Cliff's over on her blog!

  • Read 6 books during the summer - so a book a week! I am going to use my Kindle this Summer and decide on 6 downloads to tuck into. 
  • Go berry picking and use the berries in all the ways possible - including a giant Eton mess or the best summer gin and tonic money can't buy. 
  • Visit the British seaside for the day. We have Skegness a couple of hours away and I'll definitely be organising a spontaneous trip there during the Summer (if only I could drive because I'd take myself there - will definitely be asking my friends!)
  • Have as many BBQ's and garden parties with friends and family as the British weather will allow us. 
  • Enjoy a music festival (or two!) We're already booked to go to WOMAD Festival, Wicked Hathern (this festival is in our village and we have Scouting for Girls performing which makes me super excited!), Tex Fest, and Timber Festival over the upcoming weeks but there's always room for sure! 
  • Do some exercise every other day, whether that's a bit of yoga, cardio, or even a bike ride around my village.
  • Go camping! We have a tent and the option to just drive anywhere, we're also planning a possible camp trip with friends at the end of Summer which would be a perfect conclusion. 
  • Drink all of the mojitos - my summer drink of choice every year. 
  • Watch the sunrise and the sunset as often as possible. 
  • Try something new - I'll be trialing out Karate for the Summer (Jordan currently does it and enjoys it, he's been saying I should try it out for a while & Summer is the ideal time. 
  • Spend an afternoon in the park with a book and my lunch.
  • Eat healthier - I'm going to be sacking off sugar as much as possible in exchange for fruit and vegetables more. I'm also trialing a more veggie diet during the Summer. Any recommendations for dishes to try out, hit me up! 
  • Explore new places! I'll be hitting up York at the end of July and hopefully Liverpool sometime too. I love exploring new places so fingers crossed I can get stuck into it this Summer. 
  • Participate in some mediation and self-love. I don't want anxiety to rear it's ugly head this summer and will do anything to try and detour it away. 
  • Bake something every weekend that we can enjoy after dinner on the Sunday. 
  • Make time to see more of my friends, whether that's for tea at mine or theirs. Save money by doing things at one another's houses. 
  • Make smores over our BBQ on a hot summer's night and wash it down with a glass of wine.
  • Start keeping a diary after my 27th Birthday (29 July) because I'd like to add this to my daily routine. 
I reckon my Summer is going to be pretty packed and I'm so excited for what it may bring! What's on your bucket list this Summer?

If you enjoyed this post then you may enjoy some Summer reading inspiration with my 6 Books on my Summer Reading List post from last year!


  1. These all sound like really good ideas for a fantastic Summer Emmie, I will definitely have to copy some ;) xx


    1. Oh of course, take them take them and make your summer wonderful! :D x

  2. I love the idea of baking something each weekend and to start keeping a diary. Karate sounds ever so exciting and sitting in a park with a book and lunch is just blissful! You've made me think of all of the things I'd like to do this Summer to.
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way Emmie,
    Peta & The Bears x

    1. Ah I'm glad you liked my list and it's got you thinking about what you can do during the summer too, it's going to go quick! x

  3. I love love love this, I really want to get into creating bucket lists for me and the kids! :)

    1. You definitely should and write them in a notebook to keep track of what you've got up to! :) x

  4. Some lovely plans. We have the same idea about going berry picking! We should go together :)

    1. We definitely do, I reckon by the time off my butt to do something about organising berry picking the season will be over! x

  5. I used to want to be a teacher and having the summer off was probably the biggest pulling factor aha! I find reading in the summer so much more enjoyable cause you don't have anything worrying you in the back of your mind! x



    1. Aha oh definitely I think it's what I enjoy about the job (besides working with the kids) it means for 6 weeks I can do something different for myself, weather that is doing 6 weeks of freelance work or a temporary job. Yeah definitely me too, I definitely find reading so much more enjoyable in the summer x

  6. Lots of great plans! I really would love to go strawberry picking this year, as I haven't done anything like it since I was a child! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I love strawberry picking just whenever I go the place is packed or I go right at the end of the season so there's nothing there! :) xx


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