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Accessible Hotel in London with Handiscover.

Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 3UN, UK
Finding a hotel that provides great accommodations for travelers with disabilities and for the people they are traveling with can be quite difficult. It's probably quite daunting when organising your plans, especially when the trip is to the UK's capital, London. It's also about finding that hotel which is accessible to that individual's needs. 

If you didn't know I currently work at a Special Educational Needs school which means I am aware of accessibility, in and out of the school. We go on quite a lot of trips and accessibility is something we are highly aware of with our children. Also, my mum has increasing problems with her knees so we want to be able to have adventures that aren't limited by those difficulties. After our time at Bermondsey Square Hotel I can safely say there will definitely be more adventures on the cards.

In collaboration with Handiscover* I was invited along to the Bermondsey Square Hotel to sample both their accessibility and comfortability for us both on a recent trip to the capital. 

By law many accommodations require minimal accessibility, Handiscover promotes a distinctly inclusive experience for its guests. Meaning it's above what is minimally expected from accommodations.

Bermondsey Square Hotel is a 90-room boutique hotel on Tower Bridge Road and around a 30-minute drive from St Pancreas International. There is accessible parking in the area should you be coming directly in a car to the hotel. We used Uber to travel from the station to the hotel and it was very accessible for us. There is great property access with the entrance being on floor level and the lift to our room was really spacious. Our stay at the hotel was incredibly comfortable from beginning to end, we were quickly seen to by reception staff and directed to our room on the first floor. We didn't have to worry about using stairs in case of emergencies and were in a great environment. 

We couldn't quite believe the amount of room we had but would advise you check how they will set up your hotel room before you arrive. We didn't have a wheelchair but the sofa bed was drawn out so if a wheelchair user was to be in there then it would be quite difficult to move to and from the bathroom. The bathroom was well designed in accessibility for sure. However, I did notice that the emergency cord by the toilet was wrapped around the banister making it unsuitable for use should there have been an accident so I would definitely check all emergency cords are where they should be and if not ask their reception for it to be dealt with immediately.

Something else I noted was that the room wasn't well lit. I found it quite dark which I didn't expect, I wish it was brighter in there. I had to be extremely cautious about moving around the room, especially with the sofa bed in the centre of the room so I wouldn't have a fall. 

Lastly, the restaurant had great accessibility but could be quite challenging for a wheelchair user to maneuver around the breakfast options if there were a lot of people and there were quite a lot of tables in the space too. The staff were approachable so I am sure they would accommodate to your needs and ensure comfortability during dining times. 

The area around the hotel itself was great too! I didn't notice any noise within or outside the hotel which meant you could catch enough zz's before a long day exploring London.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed staying at the Bermondsey Square Hotel and would highly recommend it for disabled guests. The staff really provide a professional service so you can have the most comfortable stay possible.

Handiscover have written some fantastic accessible guides for their guests when visiting London, some of the ones I found most useful were; 

Handiscover provides accommodatoin in cities across the UK and overseas throughout Europe and even USA too. You can find out more on their website here.

*Complimentary Hotel Stay at Bermondsey Square Hotel, London. Room was included as part of the agreement but anything else was paid for by myself. All views are my own. 


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