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REVIEW | Mischief Movie Night

60 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1SB, UK

Mischief Move Night
Curve Theatre, Leicester 

If you aren't a stranger to this blog then you'll know that The Play That Goes Wrong is one of my favourite productions and so much fun! The original cast and creators are back with Mischief Movie Night, the improvised movie live on stage! 

Direct from a sold-out West End run, the team behind The Play That Goes Wrong, BBC television's Peter Pan Goes Wrong and A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong are delighted to be back with something new for their audiences. And Mischief Movie Night is something that everyone can get stuck into.

Mischief Move Night allows you the audience to become the director of a one night only movie. Every night is completely different and dependent on the audience. Our movie entitled 'Mars Actually' was a Jurassic Park meets The Martain meets Love Actually. A rom-com/ sci-fi mix set on Mars with dinosaurs, robots, and musical numbers was far from a simple request, but the cast pulled together to create something spectacular and laugh out loud from start to finish. The creative idea for these productions works perfectly, especially if your audience is up for getting involved and ours definitely was. 

The art of improvisation is really well executed by the 8 strong team of actors who each had a part to play in bringing the ideas to life, and they did an excellent job (even when the ideas were pretty out there!). I love the unpredictability of Mischief Theatre's work, you are unsure of what to expect next and they add an incredible amount of layers to make it stand out. 

Of course, someone has to be in charge and that's left in the capable hands of Jonathan Sayer. He played between the roles of director, narrator, and audience that really brought the production together. He had the almighty tasks of condensing the information thrown out to him by the audiences in order to direct his on-stage cast. His play between different parts and inputting new ideas heavily influenced what happened, to his advantage too.

Mischief Movie Night was a fantastic night at the theatre and absolutely hilarious! My stomach hurts from the amount of laughing I did during the production. 

The experience also leaves you wanting more and to experience another night with them to see what else can be created by different audiences. 

 A definite 5-star performance for me and I'll definitely be seeing this one again!

You can see Mischief Movie Night at Curve Theatre in Leicester until Sat 16 June, you do not want to miss this! Book your tickets here

If you enjoyed reading this review then you may also enjoy reading my review of The Play That Goes Wrong. This is another fantastic example of Mischief Comedy's work and of which is also touring again at the moment. 


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