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Rub Smokehouse & Bar, Nottingham.

2-4 Adam's Walk, Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 1QS, United Kingdom

When you dine in a restaurant you most definitely want to be somewhere where they have a clear passion for food, drink and creating a fantastic atmosphere. All of these ingredients are exactly what goes into Rub and from checking out the Nottingham branch it's easily a place I could visit again and again.

Rub Smokehouse & Bar is a BBQ restaurant with its routes firmly in the South of the USA. They take their meat very seriously and use a butchers called Sykes House Farm 'The Chef's Butcher' near Wetherby, North Yorkshire. All of the meat is cooked in the restaurants' smokers 'Hank and Marvin' overnight, marinated first with their secret 'Rub' blend spices. The Brisket & Pork shoulder is cooked low and slow for an average of 16 hours.

The menu at Rub Smokehouse & Bar is full of so much choice. They have some great options for lunch or something smaller with their Picky Bits, Lunch and so much for Dinner. They also have Filthy Fries which are an extensive menu within themselves of fries topped with some incredible things you'd never imagine combining together! You can see their menu here. What the restaurant does have are Epic Specials, which are dishes unlike anything you have seen elsewhere but worthy of Man vs Food! 

Our experience in Rub was one of the best we've had in a restaurant, hands down.

We were quickly seated and the restaurant is incredibly spacious, the staff are very attentive to their customers and the atmosphere is brought to life by some fantastic tunes playing in the background. 

I went for the Dirty Dog as I couldn't resist it after reading the menu. It was a smoked frankfurter loaded with pulled pork, aged cheese sauce, and crispy onions. I finished it off with a side of their fries. The cheese alone on the hot dog was to die for, I kept dipping my chips in it for the hope that it'll last just a little bit longer.

Jordan, on the other hand, went for their Chin Dribbler. This dirty burger comes with pulled pork, & cheese sauce with house pickled slaw, lettuce and house BBQ sauce mayo on a toasted bun. Jordan quoted that this was "the best burger he ever had in a restaurant in the UK" and was truly impressed by their quality of food, particularly in the burger which he said was so tender and full of flavour. He savored every bite and couldn't get enough of their cheese sauce either. He accompanied that with the Texas Mexas Fries. His fries were topped with their homemade chili con carne, cheese sauce, and sour cream. He was gutted when he couldn't manage the lot!

The reason we were attending was to check out their new Brownie and Ice Cream bar which had been recently introduced in the restaurant. There are the usual favourites like vanilla, strawberry and triple chocolate along with more exciting flavours like candy floss, jammy dodgers, and salted caramel.The decision making won't be easy though as there are over 25 different flavours to choose from! You can choose one of their epic sundaes, to follow on their epic menu. There is also the option for ice creams on their bubble waffles or their brownies.

You can eat your ice cream in house but there are cones with two or three scoops for takeaway.

Brownies come from Rub's sister company Brownie Heaven, coming in up to 11 different flavours. The brownies are freshly baked every day.

I'd highly recommend that you head over to the Rub Smokehouse & Bar in Nottingham on Fletcher's Gate.

*complimentary visit to Rub Smokehouse & Bar in return for an honest review.

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  1. Sounds amazing. We go to Nottingham quite a lot and always end up going to Reds but this sounds like a good alternative to try out x

    Rhi | www.rinkydinkyrhi.com

    1. Ah definitely make this a new alternative for a place to try! :D x

  2. Yummy!!!! Your Dirty Dog looks delicious! And all those ice cream flavours! Wow!

    1. It was delicious - the cheese alone they use is epic!


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