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10 Reasons To See Matilda UK Tour in Birmingham this Summer.

Hurst St, Southside, Birmingham B5 4TB, UK
I'm not going to lie before I saw the stage production of Matilda The Musical, I wasn't all that keen on the idea. I've only ever seen one other Roald Dahl production, The Twits and it was good but was Matilda, probably my favourite Roald Dahl story going to be even better? 

I am hooked.

I saw the UK Tour on its first stop in Leicester back in March here and it was the easiest 5-star review I've given a show in a while. The answer was that Matilda was far better than I expected and this summer it's taking residence in Birmingham Hippodrome. The musical will be there until 8 September and here are 10 reasons why you should go and see Matilda this summer. 

(Photo: Manuel Harlan)
01. It's a Roald Dahl classic
Probably one of the most well-known stories from a much-loved author, Roald Dahl. It's definitely one of my favourites to have ever read. It's success has reflected in the fact that it's not only a book which has sold thousands but it has been an audiobook, a film, a radio play and then eventually in 2011 it opened in the West End as a musical! It's a fantastic re-telling of the girl that makes it incredibly cool to love books! 

02. It's won a heck of a lot of awards!
It won a record-breaking seven Olivier awards! The four Matildas at the time became the youngest ever winners. The awards don't stop there once it took over Broadway in 2013 more awards recognised how incredible the musical is. It obtained four Tony awards, five Drama Desk awards and two Outer Critics Circle awards. In total, Matilda has won over 85 awards since it started - amazing work!

03. Taking it from page to stage is beautifully crafted.
It took Tim Minchin, Dennis Kelly, and director, Matthew Warchus seven years to change Matilda's story to suit the stage. It's incredibly crafted as we transition through Matilda's world. Rob Howell's sliding set is imaginative and brings to life not only her home but Crunchem School too. Add in Hugh Vanstone's lighting design and you have a world that evokes books and words.

04. The cast is incredibly talented, particularly the children!
You won't be able to find a cast like this on the touring circuit right now. Every individual in the cast brings something to the story in their own individual way, particularly the revolting children. The children alone bring the house down with their Revolting Children routine. I absolutely loved Lavender played by Madeline Gilby and Bruce played by Dylan Hudges (I managed to resist shouting "You Can Do It Bruce" as he battles with the cakes of all cakes!) We mustn't forget the adults, particularly Mr and Mrs Wormwood and Miss Trunchball who are as grotesque and frightening as they come across in the words of Dahl's story.

05. The soundtrack is so catchy!
The soundtrack for Matilda is not only well constructed into the storyline like any other musical, but it offers the audience valuable insights into the characters. A lot of other musicals do not provide this, but for Matilda it's exactly what it needs. Naughty is Matilda's curiosity to do something about the things that are not right, Miss Honey's My House is an emotional account of what is home and that's enough for her, even if it's the bare bones. My favourite song, When I Grow Up is a beautiful tune in which the children imagine what being a grown-up must be like (the good parts of course!) through their childlike imaginations. Tim Minchin has done an incredible job with the score alone!

06. You'll be in awe of the girl playing Matilda.
For our performance we watched Lara Cohen play Matilda, one of four young girls playing the title role throughout the tour. She really brings Matilda to life but in her own way that is truely remarkable. She rocks the strength needed to carry the load that Matilda does and I thought she was incredible!

07. Trunchball is still terrifying!
I don't suppose this is a good thing but Craige Els is fantastic as Trunchball. He manages to inhabit this role with great physicality, presence, and humor that the audience definitely absorbed for all its worth. I love the fact there has been an addition of humor to his role which is ideal for the adults in the audiences to relish in.

08. The choreography is flawless.
Every turn, punch, and step is perfectly in time from Peter Darling's fantastic choreography in this musical. It definitely enables each cast member to shine!

09. It's perfect for the whole family.

If you're looking for something different to do this summer then Matilda is the perfect solution for the entire family to enjoy. If you've been reading Roald Dahl at school this year or it's one of the favourites amongst the children then you won't want to miss what they've done with it on stage! I mean after all the musical is a show for celebrating children.

10. It will give you all the emotion.
You won't be able to stop the pricks behind your eyes at the happy ending but the joy and slight sadness throughout the musical makes it all worth it.

Matilda the Musical will run at Birmingham until Sat 8 Sept. You can book your tickets online here.


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