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5 Tips To Nail Organising Your Blog Content.

Leicester, UK
One of the things I think I'm quite good at over the 4 years of blogging is organising my blog around a full-time job (big statement). I've been blogging for 4 years, read countless blogs advising me on their own tips and I think it's fair to say there's no real right or wrong way, you've got to work it out for yourself. What may work effectively for me doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for you. 

So grab your notebook and let me tell you my quick and easy 5 tips to nail your blog organisation.

01. Do it at your own pace.
If you're like me and have a full-time job and your blog is your side hustle then I'd recommend wholeheartedly to do things at your own pace. Don't do everything if you can't physically handle it and don't beat yourself up if you can't focus on your blog because you have other things happening. Some weeks I can nail blogging 7 nights a week on the side of my full-time job and other times i'll surprise myself if I commit one night to getting stuff done.

If you do it at your own pace and with zero pressure you'll smash more than you think in no time! 

02. Lists, lists lists.
Grab a notebook (I recommend the *Heritage Personalised Notebook with Paper in Copper Foil from Ryman) and write yourself some lists. I tend to stick to around 2 lists a week, one which is a weekly overview and the other being a day-to-day view. When it comes to this to do list I tend to put up to 4 jobs a day on them, meaning I don't feel too snowed under but there's enough so if I finish it early you can make the most of an evening to do other things (like reading!). 

Another list that comes in handy on a weekly basis is creating the list of tweets you want to schedule for the week. I use a list to create the posts I'd like to promote or the things I'd like to share. It's really useful and saves you the trouble of trying to figure it out as you schedule your tweets. 

03. Have a schedule and stick to it. 
I love a good schedule, especially for my blog. I have a lovely desk calendar I got from TK Maxx from the start of the year and I use this to plan when I want content to go up, when I need to do some research for more content ideas and when I'll be updating my media kit. I think it's important to have some kind of schedule in place, even if you don't always stick to it (because life happens and it's ok not to have a strict schedule!) but I definitely have to update my media kit as a priority in my schedule on a monthly basis. It always looks fab when you are approached by brands or want to do some outreach because it's there in one click of a mouse. 

An important schedule for my blog organisation is scheduling tweets. I use Tweetdeck and love spending one hour a weekend creating my tweets for the weekend ahead, particularly if you already know your diary is pretty busy that week. 

04. Bulk photography session.
Once you've planned your content and written it, you've got to get the photos to speak a thousand words. I grab a good list of the things I'd like to take photos off and what props I may need to capture what I'm looking for (see it's all about lists, honestly!). It always helps to get in the creative mood to stick on a cracking playlist (I recommend an 80's one) and snapping away. Obviously, it doesn't always go to plan and you may find the photos you took that time aren't to your creative vision. You may have to schedule another time, another day to take the photos again, I know it's frustrating but when it results in fantastic photos then it's worth it.

05. Have a structure for creating your content. 
I have a bit of a structure when it comes to creating content and it's so useful. I always begin by grabbing a pen and my notebook and writing down bullet points of the blog post. If there's keywords or anchor text that needs to be included, plan how you could integrate them into the post so that it flows. Next up. I get stuck in and write the content up, remember not to rush it and afterwards check your SEO status, get somebody else to proof it for it and Bob's your uncle! 

I'm wondering what are your tips for nailing blog organisation?

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  1. Ooh I loved this post Emmie, I am rather fond of lists by myself! A few weeks ago I bought myself a diary just of blogging and its helped so much :)


  2. It really is about organisation isn't it!


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