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Visiting Liverpool on a Budget.

Liverpool, UK
I am working with some fantastic bloggers who have put together great guides to cities and places throughout the UK. What's better is that these bloggers live in these cities so they are the experts on all of the best things to see and do whilst you are there. This post is written by Lucy from The Adopted Scouser - a fantastic Lifestyle blog by the way! Lucy is going to share her tips on Visiting Liverpool on a Budget

For a lot of us, choosing where to visit on holiday or for a long weekend often comes down to budget. As much as we’d all like to swan off to the South of France for six weeks in the summer that just isn't the case for most of us (if you’re reading this on a yacht in the South of France then this might not be the post for you!) If you’re planning a city break in the UK but want to keep the budget as low as possible then I think I have the perfect answer- Liverpool. It’s fun and quirky with loads going on whilst still being steeped in history and culture. Read on for my ultimate guide to visiting Liverpool on a budget…
Where to sleep

Hotel prices in Liverpool are pretty damn good and if you chose a mid-week break over a weekend then even better. There are loads of hotels to choose from that range from top of the range right down to the budget-friendly options. If you want to keep costs to a minimum, then the newly opened Sleep Eat Love is perfect. It’s a ‘luxury hostel’ but remove any thoughts of hostels from your mind with this one. You can get private single, double and family rooms as well as dorms if there’s a group of you and the whole place has been designed as an ‘Instagram paradise’ there’s no grime or plastic tables in sight. The hostel is also located right in the centre of Liverpool making it the perfect base for your trip. Rooms start at the bargain price of £15 a night!

What to do
There’s so much to do in Liverpool that you’ll need way more than one trip to take it all in. The best part about visiting Liverpool is that there’s loads of FREE stuff to do, meaning you won’t need to spend loads on hefty admission tickets. Liverpool is home to more national museums and galleries than anywhere else outside of London and most of them won’t cost you a penny to enter. The Museum of Liverpool tells the tale of the city’s history whilst the World Museum is home to everything from the Egyptians to the dinosaurs with its very own aquarium and is the perfect family friendly location.
Liverpool also has 2 cathedrals to its name, both of which are free to enter and explore. For a small fee you can even take a tower tour of the Anglican Cathedral allowing you to take in views of Liverpool from the highest vantage point in the city.
The Albert Dock is Liverpool’s crowning glory and is full of bars and restaurants that are perfect for when your feet ache from being a tourist all day. It’s also well worth just wandering around and taking in some ‘sea air.’
If you don’t mind paying an admission fee then a trip to the British Music Experience is a must visit for music fans meanwhile football fanatics shouldn’t miss a trip to the home of LFC, Anfield.
Where to eat (and drink!)
Writing this has been pretty easy so far but this is where I’m really gunna struggle. Liverpool’s food and drink scene is insane and if you ‘spend’ on any part of your visit then it really should be this.
Liverpool is the home to a lot of things, The Beatles, LFC, Mowgli. No, not the character from The Jungle Book but the best Indian restaurant you’ll ever step foot in. Mowgli is Indian Street Food at its finest and there’s loads to choose from including traditional curries to ‘Himalayan cheese on toast.’ The restaurant has expanded to a few other cities across the UK meaning you might have stumbled across it before but nothing can beat the original.
For fans of pizza and cocktails (so, everyone) Crazy Pedro’s is the place to go. These guys do some of the best pizza in town with twists that see them put everything on the cheesy base from friend chicken to hotdogs. They also do a cracking selection of cocktails to wash it all down, look out for the frozen ones in particular!
OK so I know this is a budget-friendly guide to Liverpool but if you so happen to want to splash out whilst here then there’s really only one option. Panoramic 34 is the ultimate special occasion restaurant. It’s based on the 34th floor giving it unrivalled views of the city and in particular, the waterfront. If you don’t fancy stretching the purse strings as far as a full dinner, then a quick drink in the cocktail longue is a great way to experience the atmosphere without breaking the bank.
Hopefully this has given you allllll of the inspiration to book a budget friendly trip to Liverpool. With so much to see and do you can bet you’ll be thinking about your next trip to the land of the Scousers before you’ve even left.

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