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REVIEW | OVO, Cirque du Soleil.

Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Fifty acrobatic performers from 17 countries wow the audience in OVO; a show that celebrates both nature and co-existence. After seeing their production of Varekai last year I was thrilled to see what OVO would have to offer. OVO is Soleil's 25th show and what a show it was. A lot of reviews discuss Cirque du Soleil's nod to the traditional circus that feels a bit "behind time" but I disagree, Soleil is still as exciting and thrilling as anybody else within the circus industry and deserve recognition for their work. 

We are introduced to a vibrant carnival of crazy crickets, amazing acts and flexible fleas. "OVO uncovers the natural world at our feet." Watching the production is pretty exhausting stuff as this non-stop production of energy and movement that sweeps the audience off their feet night after night. The production features many of Cirque du Soleil's sublime signature acts, a lot of which I recognised from watching Varekai last year. OVO includes a stunning 14m high flying trapeze act - the biggest of its kind.

This show felt just as thrilling as seeing them for the first time. In between the big stage numbers, it's down to three clowns to continue entertaining the audience. They do just the job with their fun and own sub-plot. It's the perfect interlude between the acts and they are a hit with the audience! 

OVO is a fantastically tight and well-oiled production and the individual acts are definitely eye-popping, you really can't keep your eyes off them. The attention to detail in not just executing their acts but their costumes is flawless. I definitely had my heart in my throat for a lot of the big acts and I couldn't believe the fluidity of these acrobats as they performed. There is a real appreciation for the skill of these performers as the audience cheered and applauded at any given opportunity. 

Cirque du Soleil's OVO really is a great night away from the sofa to enjoy an immersive electrifying production that gives more and more every single time. I had a fantastic time at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham as it was transformed into a world brought to so much life and vibrancy it's something you do not want to miss this Autumn. 


  1. Hmm, I don't like the sound of the clowns, but I've seen adverts for the show on television and they got me sucked me right in! I'd love to see the show even just to marvel at those incredible costumes, they're so cleverly designed to work with the amazing performers.



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