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REVIEW | Shrek The Musical, UK Tour.

Shrek The Musical
Theatre Royal, Nottingham 

If its a feel-good night at the theatre you are after then Shrek The Musical is just the ticket you need to be buying. Shrek is everyone's favourite ogre and the screen to stage adaptation has been loved by audiences throughout the UK and in its success in the West End too. 

This musical really is magical as it dives deeper into the storyline that develops so much more than the film. A giant storybook at the beginning takes us back in time to Shrek and Fiona's childhood. They appear inside the storybook as the adorable young Shrek and Fiona, sent away by their parents at the age of seven. Shrek is instructed by his parents to "go away" and ends up in the swamp which he later calls his home. Whereas Fiona is banished to live high in a tower guarded by a fearsome dragon until a prince comes to save her.

Still so much from the most loved films from the noughties is still there and blends well within the developed storyline at the beginning. Shrek's swamp is invaded by fairytale creatures, sent by the leader of Duloc, Lord Farquaad. Shrek is sent on a quest by Lord Farquaad to retrieve Fiona, the woman he desires to marry to make him king.

Steffan Harri bursts onto the stage as the iconic Scottish ogre, Shrek. Steffan's Scottish accent is faultless and combined with his naturalistic humour gives a great performance in the title role. The energy he provided on stage was so much fun to watch! His singing was also great and Who I'd Be his best performance through the musical.  
I didn't enjoy Amelia Lily's performance as Princess Fiona. If I'm honest I didn't enjoy the way she performed the role and couldn't warm to her like the rest of the cast. I Know It's Today is one of my favourite songs on the soundtrack and some of what I love about the song was lost in this performance for me. 
Marcus Ayton's performance as the noble steed Donkey is hilarious and compliments Harri's performance as Shrek well. Marcus definitely offers his own spin on the character that is iconically played by Eddie Murphy. He definitely provides enough sass, flamboyance and facial expressions to bring Donkey to life. 
The performance of the night goes down to Samuel Holmes who is perfect as Lord Farquaad. His quick humour, stage presence and physical movement and well executed posh accent whilst performing on his knees is staggering. Samuel gives his all on the stage and knows how to work the audience as well as his cast mates. I saw him perform in the Wedding Singer UK Tour and he's a person to be excited for in future musical productions for sure! 

Shrek wouldn't be Shrek without the support of the fairytale characters who are flawless in performing as their individual characters. Shrek The Musical has fantastic ensemble numbers and this company does it more than justice! It's important to acknowledge the gorgeous set and lighting design that the musical has produced. Tim Hatley's set and costume design alongside lighting design from Hugh Vanstone 
With help from Tim Hatley's set/costume design, Hugh Vanstone's lighting design and Duncan Mclean's video design, Shrek The Musical is a really high-quality production. 
I would definitely recommend this musical for the entire family to enjoy.
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